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Why Jawar Mohammed is Responsible for the Unrest in the Southern Region of Ethiopia – Zehabesha – Latest Ethiopian News Provider

Why Jawar Mohammed is Responsible for the Unrest in the Southern Region of Ethiopia - Zehabesha - Latest Ethiopian News Provider

By Damo Gotamo

Jawar, the self-appointed Oromo activist

Jawar Mohammed couldn’t deal with his fifteen-minutes fame. He thinks he is an enormous shot and above the regulation. He says something he needs and will get away with it. All over the place he goes, he makes controversial statements and agitates the youth to resort to lawlessness. His reckless actions have divided individuals and prompted deaths and destruction within the country. Jawar’s thoughtless speeches and reckless actions are nowhere more obvious than in the SNNPR.

Jawar, the self-appointed Oromo activist and shallow political analyst, has enraged many people within the Southern area. His shut personal and enterprise association with Sidama extremists and his help for their illegal actions has brought about a lot suffering to the individuals of the region. Jawar’s flirtation with Sidama extremists and his disdain for the rest of the individuals within the region has made him probably the most despised man within the region. Speak to anybody in Awassa about Jawar, and you will observe how shortly the expression on the face of the individual modifications.

In his current interview with LTV, Jawar has tried to deflect and play down his position in the crimes in Awassa and Sidama zone. He vehemently denied any improper doing and downplayed his position in inspiring and supporting the Sidama extremists to resort to violence if they needed to realize their political agenda. As an alternative of answering the query put to him by the interviewer, he tried to rebuke her and blamed the federal government authorities for the issue in the Southern region. As soon as once more, he has proven no concern concerning the dying and destruction in the region. The ethnic extremist’s contempt for the army and federal forces who’ve sacrificed their lives to restore regulation and order within the area was apparent within the interview.

Jawar’s position in supporting the crimes of Sidama youths dates back in his refugee days in america. In each criminality that has taken place in the SNNPR and lack of peace within the area, Jawar’s finger prints are all over.

By means of his OMN (Oromia Media Network), Jawar performed a pivotal position in radicalizing the Sidama youth and sowing the seeds of suspicion among the many teams. From his base in Minnesota, house of Oromo extremists, Jawar used to invite individuals of Sidama origin in his packages to disseminate hateful messages towards individuals within the SNNPR. On many events, the self-appointed Sidama activists showing on OMN preached division and tried to undermine the unity of the individuals within the area. His visitors belittled the current regional construction and disseminated hate towards groups within the region. The Sidama ethnic entrepreneurs typically made weird statements to divide the individuals of the region.

Jawar was chargeable for instigating the battle between the Sidama and Wolita youths in Awassa in 2018. My sources informed me Jawar suggested his buddies, the leaders of the Ejjeetto, to comply with Queros techniques to realize their objectives. He advised his felony associates to revive to violence.

Final yr’s mayhem claimed the lives of many people and left hundreds of individuals homeless. Jawar didn’t condemn the crimes. As an alternative, he sided with the Sidama extremists and defended their crimes.

Nothing good occurs in locations the place Jawar units his foot. After overseeing the horrid lynching of an innocent man by his followers in Shashmene many months in the past, Jawar went to Awassa to agitate and provides ethical help to his extreme Sidama associates in the metropolis. He suggested the Sidama extremists to be persistent in causing lawlessness in Awassa to realize their objectives. As soon as he left Awassa, we saw the Sidama extremists wreak havoc within the city that lasted for more than a yr. The extremists pressured the closure of presidency institutions, Banks, and resorts. They committed many crimes within the metropolis that lowered Awassa into an economically weak city.

Little did the Sidama extremists know that Jawar had been undermining the interest of the Sidama individuals and others to realize his aims. Whereas the worth of land and property in Shashmene and other cities Oromia areas has gone up, the actual estate market in Awassa has declined significantly. The slowdown has affected everybody within the region. Due to the reckless acts of the Sidama ethnic entrepreneurs, individuals have prevented businesses owned by hardworking Sidama businessmen. Many Sidama businesses have been pressured to shut their doors perpetually.

In the course of the 2019 Chamebella Holiday celebration, Jawar Mohammed  made one in every of his divisive speeches thus far. He encouraged the Sidama extremists to put extra strain on the government by resorting to violent techniques often. Impressed by the speech of the ethnic thug, the Sidama extremists unleashed a collection of crimes in Awassa and cities in Sidama Zones.

The notorious 11-11-11 brought about a lot struggling to the non-Sidamas in the cites in Sidama zone. Among different crimes, the lynching of an 83-year grandfather; the homicide of two brothers in Aleta Wondo; the brutal killing of a father and son that led to chopping their genital prompted anger and uproar amongst Ethiopias in the nation and overseas.

Jawar didn’t condemn the crimes of the Sidama extremists. Moderately, he poked fun on the misery of the individuals in the region and expressed his anger over the arrest of the perpetrators of the crimes. He pointed his finger at the members of SEPDM while praising the Ejjeettos and their felony leaders. He laughed at the sacrifices of the army and the federal police forces.

Jawar is mentally unstable. He is a repeat offender and simply will get carried away if he’s a focus. A couple of years in the past, he made an inflammatory statement that angered many individuals. He made the following assertion to a gathering of Oromo Muslims in Saint Paul Minnesota:

“What I say to the Oromos is this: I started speaking about Islam after assembly
my pal from Gonder. On the place I stay, 99% of the individuals are Muslims.
Nobody dares converse anything towards us. If he does, we hit him with Mencha.’’

Jawar is a violent man. The above statement clearly exhibits how violent the person is. He gained’t draw back from saying anything to instigate violence between totally different teams. In his speech in Saint Paul, Jawar was advising his fellow Muslims to resort to violence if a Christian stated anything towards them.

Jawar must know he is simply one other ethnic extremist. He should stop appearing and behaving like the top of the nation. His behaviors and actions are unacceptable and are hurting many people. If he doesn’t stop behaving erratically, he will additional plunge the country into lawlessness. He reminds individuals of the primary two years of the TPLF regime.

Some Tegdaleyes and their kinfolk have been appearing as if that they had conquered the world soon after the TPLF took power in the country. They have been loud and boastful. Nevertheless, in contrast to Jawar and his buddies, a minimum of the TPLfies fought the Derge regime tooth and nail. Jawar’s empty bravado is an enigma to many people. Why is Jawar appearing like a bigwig? Many consider Jawar’s weird conduct is because of the position he performed in directing the young Oromo youth to throw dung at Woyane troopers and instructing his pals in Addis Ababa to steal the 12th grade Ethiopian Faculty Leaving Certificates Examination (ESLCE) .

No ethnic group in the Southern area has requested Jawar to be its spokesperson. He ought to maintain his activism to the Oromo trigger and cease poking his nose within the affairs of the individuals within the area. Individuals in the region don’t recognize his try and divide the country’s ethnic group along Kusthtic and Semitic group. They are method far superior than a slender ethnic extremists like Jawar. They have lived together for generations and know how one can coexistence.

If the individuals of the SNNPR want advice on any matter, Jawar will be the final individual they’ll search for assist. There’s nothing in widespread between the individuals in the area and ethnic lords like Jawar. For the individuals of the area, Jawar is simply one other ethnic extremist. They gained’t simply fall for a fast talker, ethnic and non secular extremist who makes a dwelling by pitting one group of individuals with one other.

Jawar is a good friend of ethnic extremists in all places. By defending the Sidama extremists, he has proven his utter disdain for the 55 ethnic groups of the region. We haven’t heard him speak about Wolitas, Hadiyas, Kemebatta, and others within the region. He solely talks concerning the Sidama extremists who’ve a business relationship with him. We all know that he’s 9 million birrs richer at the moment after brokering a deal for the acquisition of the SMN (Sidama Media Community).

Carrying an American passport gained’t absolve Jawar from his damaging activities. Being an American citizen comes with obligations. From his divisive conduct and actions, it doesn’t seem Jawar has modified a lot even if he lived fifteen years in the USA.

Residents all over the place are questioning the government why it has tolerated the damaging conduct of Jawar Mohammed. Many people consider the government should do something to cease the extremist from enjoying a destabilizing position in the nation. He is severely undermining the efforts of the PM and hist workforce in restoring  peace and safety within the country. He belittles government officers and the army. He doesn’t know the bounds of his actions. Jailing people who haven’t carried out anything and leaving an ethnic extremist like Jawar to say something that destabilizes the country is unacceptable.

Jawar is answerable for the legal activities of Sidama extremists within the SNNPR. If he doesn’t cease his damaging conduct, he have to be pressured to hitch his Ejjeetto buddies in jail. He shouldn’t be allowed to proceed his reckless conduct. Innocent individuals and members of the armed forces shouldn’t die because of a harmful lunatic who doesn’t care about human life. Nobody is above the regulation. Jawar must know either his fifteen-minutes fame or the Queros he loves to talk about won’t shield him if he tries to interrupt the nation.


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