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The Deaths of Jeffrey Epstein and Kenneth Trentadue Point to Clintons

The Deaths of Jeffrey Epstein and Kenneth Trentadue Point to Clintons
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By Ben Barrack

Kenneth Trentadue (L) and Jeffrey Epstein (R)

The dying of Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein earlier this month has a number of things in widespread with the demise of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. Amongst these commonalities:

1.) Both males died whereas in federal custody
2.) Both males died beneath extremely suspicious circumstances
3.) The Clintons had motive to see each males lifeless
4.) Both deaths have been dominated suicide despite robust evidence to the contrary and lack of proof that might show suicide

After the Oklahoma Metropolis bombing, there were two sketches of perpetrators. John Doe #1 was clearly Timothy McVeigh. John Doe #2 was never identified. Based mostly on the investigative work of a man named J.D. Cash, that man was Michael Brescia. In 1995, Trentadue was arrested and considered that suspect; he was not. Soon thereafter, Trentadue was lifeless.

Money’s reporting revealed that the bombing was a sting gone improper, with third celebration informants inside McVeigh’s compound, egging on the group to commit bombings. When the Feds unsuccessfully stopped it, they have been implicated.

Within the case of Epstein, he had a whole lot of filth on very highly highly effective individuals. Regardless of being on suicide watch after allegedly trying to kill himself in prison, Epstein was inexplicably taken off suicide watch days later.

Epstein’s broken Hyoid bone is extra widespread in strangulation than it is in hanging.

Hours before Epstein’s dying, his cell mate was eliminated. The cameras apparently weren’t working on the time of his dying; the guards have been reportedly over-worked and under-staffed. If Epstein was the truth is murdered, all of this stuff would necessarily be put forth by those who would need that murder coated up.

Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht simplified this level:

“Even at its most benign characterization, probably the most benign, gracious, benevolent characterization is an instance of gross, wanton negligence.”

With that as a backdrop, under is an account of the small print surrounding the demise of Trentadue in 1995, as excerpted from my e-book Unsung Davids: Ten Males Who Battled Goliath without Glory

J.D. Money vs. Department of Justice

Kenneth Michael Trentadue dying ruled a “Suicide” underneath extraordinarily suspicious circumstances

To know why Kenneth Michael Trentadue was picked up close to San Diego in the summertime of 1995 and then transported to the Federal Transport Middle (FTC) in Oklahoma Metropolis in a Division of Justice jet, it’s necessary to keep in mind that a grand jury in the bombing case referred to “others unknown” when handing out indictments for McVeigh and Nichols.

McVeigh was recognized to have consorted with financial institution robbers – the ‘Midwest bank robbers’ to be actual. Fox News reported in 2005 that one of the gang’s members – Peter Langan – advised Fox that members of his group participated within the Oklahoma City bombing.

On January 30, 1997 six males have been indicted in Pennsylvania for robbing banks. All have been members of the Aryan Republican Army (ARA). One in every of them – Michael Brescia – was identified by Cash as John Doe #2. Langan was one of many others indicted. If Brescia was John Doe #2 and hadn’t been arrested till early 1997, that clearly meant that such a suspect was nonetheless at giant on the time of Kenneth Trentadue’s arrest in the summer of 1995.

Kenneth was no saint. He had indeed robbed banks at one time. He had a tattoo on his left arm that resembled the tattoo on the left arm of the alleged John Doe #2. He even drove a pickup truck that matched an identical description of the one at Oklahoma City a number of brief months earlier. These elements taken collectively led to his ending up at the FTC at DOJ / taxpayer expense.

Money’s reporting appeared to afford him the frequent capacity to begin paragraphs in his articles with, “Paperwork obtained by the McCurtain Every day Gazette present…” Within the case of Money’s first installment of the Trentadue case, that assertion was applied to the truth that the officer who arrested Trentadue noted the would-be detainee’s former alias – Vance Paul Brockway. It was the Brockway identify being tied to bank robberies which will have been the final straw for the Feds sending Trentadue to the FTC. It was Money’s capacity to tie all of this stuff collectively eight years later that made him such a nemesis for the Feds.

The details surrounding Trentadue’s past, coupled with the seemingly logical conclusions that might be drawn about his ties to the Oklahoma City bombing – the tattoo, the truck, the history of bank robberies, and so forth. – might have given the Feds added confidence that they have been on strong assumptive floor relative to this detainee being somebody they might press arduous with minimal consequence.

In that case, they have been fallacious.

Kenneth had an older brother. His identify was Jesse and he turned a particularly profitable lawyer with a follow in Salt Lake Metropolis, UT. In typical J.D. Money trend, the McCurtain journalist befriended Jesse and would make his brother’s case the subject of a 5 half collection in his reporting. Cash revered Jesse’s expertise as an lawyer and took up his cause, seeing a chance to show the despicable means the Feds handled the case of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who wound up lifeless on August 21, 1995 in a jail that was supposedly suicide proof; that prison was the FTC.

In a approach just like how Money ingratiated himself with Edyie Smith and her father Glenn Wilburn within the days and weeks after the bombing, there appeared to be a connection happening between Money and the Trentadue household. When one reads Cash’s articles about what occurred, professionalism and journalistic integrity is shortly discernible but so is a excessive degree of private investment; he nearly adopted the familial trigger whereas giving it voice.

The first sign that the Feds have been in hassle came on the morning of Kenneth’s dying, when the FTC warden contacted the mother of both Kenneth and Jesse to inform her that one in every of her sons – Kenneth – had dedicated suicide. Earlier, while being booked, Kenneth did not tell the authorities about his wife and younger baby – solely about his mother and father; which will have been his largest mistake. Maybe it sent the sign that he was a bit of a lone wolf with a household that didn’t care a lot about him; if that was the message acquired by the FTC, they might quickly regret it.

As Cash reported partially considered one of his 5 half collection on the dying of Kenneth Trentadue, the warden was not expecting the answer she acquired from Kenneth’s mom after telling her that her son had committed suicide and that the FTC want to cremate the body.

After the warden appeared to be caught off-guard by the prospect that Kenneth had a spouse – Cash reported that Kenneth only gave the FTC his mother and father’ contact info – the growth was lowered towards the Feds.

Surprised but suspicious, the mom of the deceased advised the jail official,

“Sure, he’s married and he additionally has a two month-old youngster and his brother is a lawyer. We’ll get again to you!”

Trentadue’s coffin photograph

Some time after that decision, the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s investigator and her associate arrived on the FTC to select up the physique and investigate the cell where Trentadue was found lifeless. While the two have been allowed to take the physique, their attempts to access the cell have been repeatedly denied by the Feds, who stated they have been dealing with the investigation – regardless of such an assertion being opposite to state regulation.

In a clear instance of how Cash was in a position to take away any vestige of believable deniability from the Feds relative to that declare, he accessed data that showed both the M.E. and her assistant have been only on the FTC for a total of twenty minutes.

Clearly, if these two officers had been allowed to research the scene, a visit longer than twenty minutes would have been recorded.

The Feds had a particularly worthy opponent who found evidence again and again that backed up his reporting. It bolstered his credibility all through the state. Maybe his means to assist his sources again up their claims additionally contributed significantly to his means to garner much more sources.

The Medical Examiner’s lead investigator at the time was Kevin Rowland. After viewing the physique and determining suicide was not the reason for dying, Rowland contacted an FBI agent to report his findings.

Cash even managed to get his palms on a memo from that agent to his superiors subsequent to that discussion. In it, recipients have been notified that the Medical Examiner’s workplace was probably going to rule Trentadue’s dying a murder. It also stated that FTC staff have been being steered in the course of avoiding polygraph checks. On one hand, FBI officers seemed to have their work minimize out for them. Then again, they needed to have been flummoxed by this obscure reporter’s findings – it was like he had several individuals on the within working for him. They had to have been wondering how a ‘no one’ reporter all the time appeared to be onto them. Yet, information entities with a wider reach and much more assets continued to give attention to a lot lighter fare.

As is the case with any puzzle, each bit is important. In 1999, the Office of the Inspector Common for the US Department of Justice launched a report about Trentadue’s dying. In it, the OIG discovered that Trentadue’s cell was cleaned previous to Bureau of Prisons investigators arriving on the scene. This was a shocking admission on the a part of the OIG however it was made much more so after factoring in the conduct of the FTC when the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s investigator was denied access to the cell earlier than it was cleaned. If the OIG report hinted at a coverup, the conduct of the FTC previous to the arrival of Bureau of Prisons (BOP) investigators pointed to at least one when coupled with what the OIG did concede. It was Cash who featured these two realities prominently in one article, not to point out the FBI memo talked about earlier.

Regardless of how embarrassing the OIG report can be to the Feds, an important thing to the latter was the report’s conclusion. Was the dying a suicide or was it a murder? The important thing to that willpower was the chief medical expert; his identify was Dr. Fred Jordan and for 3 years, it was clear that he thought Kenneth Trentadue was murdered.

In early 1997, Jordan granted a uncommon television interview to the Oklahoma’s Fox television affiliate KOKH to talk concerning the case. During that interview, Jordan was adamant in his insistence that the government was either incompetent or worse. Stated Jordan during that interview:

“I feel it’s very possible he (Trentadue) was murdered. I’m not capable of show it. I’ve briefly categorized the dying as undetermined. You see a physique coated with blood, removed from the room, as Mr. Trentadue was, soaked in blood, coated with bruises, and you attempt to achieve access to the scene and the government of the USA says, ‘no, you’ll be able to’t.’ They continue to ban us from accessing the scene of his dying, which is exceptional in 1997… There are questions concerning the dying of Kenneth Trentadue that may never be answered because of the actions of the USA authorities… It was botched or worse – it was planned.”

As part of Money’s analysis in 2003, he obtained a quote from Jesse Trentadue relating to Jordan. Once again, the McCurtain reporter landed one thing extraordinarily telling and it had to do with Jordan’s state of
thoughts on the time:

“Jordan repeatedly advised us this was a murder, however because the crime scene had been destroyed, he needed to listing the way of dying as unknown. He additionally looked at my mom, Carmen and sister within the eye and informed them he would by no means go back on them.”

The vehemence with which Jordan conveyed his degree of emotional funding cannot be understated as a result of something would change his mind before the OIG report was released in 1999.

As the chief medical expert within the state of Oklahoma, the only duty for figuring out the cause of Kenneth’s demise rested with Jordan. The Feds even launched stories saying that suicide was the cause but for three years, Jordan wouldn’t budge.

Indicators that Jesse Trentadue was getting too close for DOJ consolation would soon seem in Cash’s 5 part collection of articles on the story. If not for the McCurtain Gazette, which had already developed a big following by the point Money began investigating the story in 2003, some extremely disturbing details concerning the US authorities might not have been revealed by any publication of consequence; being a publication of consequence on these tales was one thing the McCurtain Gazette was capable of claim, because of Money.

Jesse advised the Gazette that he had gone all the best way to Janet Reno’s office for solutions within the weeks and months after his brother’s demise.

Eric Holder had assumed the position of Deputy Lawyer Common in June of 1997, the yr when Jesse discovered that the FBI had not carried out any vital investigation of Kenneth’s demise, despite receiving a medical expert’s report that stated the dying ought to be investigated as a murder.

The FBI agent assigned to the case appeared to be more considering informing his agency concerning the whereabouts, actions, and statements of Jordan than in attending to the reality about Trentadue’s demise.

Cash and the Gazette truly obtained a memo written by Jordan in December of 1995 through which the latter phoned the workplace of Eric Holder (at the time, Holder was not but the Deputy Lawyer Basic however he was a high rating member inside the DOJ). That memo exhibits that Jordan’s call to Holder was an try to induce the FBI to conduct a full investigation into Trentadue’s dying. Jordan never did reach Holder.

It might seem greater than affordable for someone like Holder to simply accept or return the call of the Oklahoma State medical expert who needed an investigation into the dying of a person who died whereas in federal custody. Add to that a potential hyperlink to the Oklahoma Metropolis bombing and it ought to have been a prime precedence for Holder. It apparently wasn’t, at the very least not when it comes to getting to the truth – more on that later. Holder would later develop into the US Lawyer Basic beneath Barack Obama in 2009. Whereas there, his Division developed fairly the fame for stonewalling and obfuscation.

Jordan appeared resolute. He assured the Trentadues that he would not buckle beneath federal strain to vary his ruling relative to reason for dying. He was the most important impediment for the Feds. If he ruled the demise a suicide, the Feds might breathe straightforward. It might imply no federal grand jury or indictments. All roads to a profitable coverup went by means of Medical Examiner Fred Jordan. For Jordan, it was a double-edged sword. Sure, he had the facility to make life troublesome for some very powerful individuals however he would even be subjected to intense intimidation in consequence.

Sarcastically, as Money reported, Jordan would not budge so long as the FBI and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) attempted to strain him. That each one changed after the Oklahoma County District Lawyer Bob Macy intervened.

Shortly after Macy took over, Jordan ruled the dying a suicide. Based on the Gazette, Macy hired a person named Tom Bevel to research the case. Bevel had additionally been hired to assist in writing the OIG report that may finally be released in 1999. Once once more, Money was connecting dots that ought to have been related by major media retailers and shouted from the rooftops. If he had gotten even a little help from one main information outlet, this case might have exploded onto the national scene, exposing corruption on the highest ranges of presidency. Perhaps Jordan wouldn’t have been efficiently strong-armed both. Posterity is a humorous factor, nevertheless. Money added quite a few vital information to the historic report by way of his reporting that merely couldn’t be easily dismissed.

Cash reported that earlier than Bevel went to work for the DOJ and OIG, the Trentadues trusted him as a member of Macy’s staff, charged with investigating the dying. In any case, the state was primarily an alleged ally of the Trentadues towards the Feds – or so it was thought.

Mockingly, Bevel helped to point out a collection of absurdities – in what is called the “Wintory Report” – one would have to consider so as to settle for the notion that Kenneth dedicated suicide. The report was accomplished earlier than Bevel switched sides and commenced working for the Feds.

Had he been an agent of the DOJ at time the “Wintory Report” was drafted, one would have been proper to query his credibility. Nonetheless, after working for the Feds, Bevel would use that report as the idea for his suicidal conclusion, based on Cash. Partially five of Cash’s collection on Trentadue’s demise, he included the related portion of the report:

The Authorities declare that after the guards last noticed Trentadue alive and in mattress at 2:38 a.m., Trentadue used a pencil to put in writing a suicide observe on the wall of his cell, but did not sign that notice together with his personal identify.

Next, he patiently tore a sheet into dozens of strips. He then constructed a ligature from these strips of mattress sheet. As soon as that ligature was manufactured, Trentadue re-made his bed, climbed the wall of his cell and wove the mattress sheet rope right into a metallic vent above his sink.

Trentadue then tried to hang himself and was momentarily successful, but the bed sheet rope broke. Trentadue fell, hitting his buttocks on the sting of the sink however doing no damage to his buttocks. The influence of his body on the sink prompted Trentadue to ricochet throughout the cell headfirst into the nook
of a metallic desk at the finish of his bunk, producing a serious wound on his forehead.

The Authorities claim that the pressure of that influence induced Trentadue to rotate 180 degrees and careen throughout his cell to smash his head, leaving blood and hair on the wall of his cell and tearing in depth areas of skin off of his again. Regardless of hanging the desk with such pressure, the impression does not disturb a cup of espresso or any of the papers on the desk.

The Authorities claims that whereas unconscious from his two head wounds, Trentadue rolled over on his abdomen and bled profusely, depositing giant pools of blood on the ground of his cell. When Trentadue regained consciousness, he tried to rise up but struck the back of his head on the metallic stool hooked up to the desk, inflicting a third main wound on the back of his head. This third blow to his head further dazed Trentadue, who then crawled on all fours, together with his clothes smearing the blood on the ground.

The Government declare that Trentadue finally received to his ft and staggered round, leaving blood deposits on the partitions and flooring of his cell. He then stumbled to his bed and lay right down to regain his senses. After a while, Trentadue used two plastic toothpaste tubes or a plastic knife to cut his throat, leaving blood on his pillowcase, sheet and blanket. When that second suicide try failed, Trentadue reconstructed the bed sheet and efficiently hanged himself.

Does this seem like a man who killed himself?

The report’s depiction of occasions was ludicrous. Maybe it was one of the best the Feds might do in mild of the investigative journalism that was happening in southeastern Oklahoma. Cash was not achieved, nevertheless. He would not disappoint these in search of a crescendo in his five half collection. Partially five, he implicated a person that may someday grow to be the Lawyer Basic of america as being personally concerned within the coverup of Kenneth Michael Trentadue’s dying.


Partially 5, Money reported some very critical expenses levied by Jesse Trentadue towards the Department of Justice. Jesse’s claim was that whereas he confided in sure federal officials he thought have been in quest of the reality, they have been truly using the knowledge towards the Trentadue household to assist within the coverup. In accordance with Money, the Medical Examiner (Jordan) did not declare Kenneth’s demise a suicide till July of 1998 whereas Jesse maintained that a federal grand jury returned a “no invoice of indictment” almost one yr earlier. How is that potential if the medical expert hadn’t dominated on the reason for dying but? Based mostly on the fact that Kenneth was in solitary confinement at the time, a homicide ruling would have necessarily implicated federal officials. Jesse is quoted in Money’s article as having claimed that the Grand Jury’s ruling was stored quiet so that the Justice Division might work on the coverup.

Cash then reported Jesse’s very critical charge: the meetings amongst DOJ leaders have been all part of what was referred to as “The Trentadue Mission” and that none aside from Deputy Lawyer Common Eric Holder chaired lots of those meetings. A critical cost indeed however Money clearly felt snug reporting it because of what his contacts have been capable of provide him. In this case, it was an e-mail dated October 1,1997 by Juliette Kayyem who worked for the DOJ at the time. The subject line of the email stated, “The Trentadue Mission” Right here is the text of that e mail as revealed by the McCurtain Gazette:

E mail referencing the Trentadue Mission. “Eric” is a reference to Eric Holder

The press launch referred to in that e mail was finally launched on October 9, 1997. In it, the DOJ announced it had found no wrongdoing on the part of the FBI or the BOP relative to Kenneth Trentadue’s demise. Obviously, the public stance on the a part of the Feds, that suicide was the reason for dying would only function a excessive stakes incentive to use extra strain to Jordan, who would ultimately buckle almost one yr later.

Senate Judiciary Committee

At the time of the DOJ press release on October ninth, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Com mittee. His committee was wanting right into a attainable investigation of the Division of Justice’s findings. On October 10, 1997 Hatch answered questions after his meeting with Deputy Lawyer Common Eric Holder the night time before. The aim of that assembly was ostensibly to stop that congressional investigation.

Hatch appeared convinced that Trentadue’s demise was not the result of a suicide and that indications of a coverup have been very robust. Hatch was requested about that and responded:

Hatch: I used to be dissatisfied in these findings. There are just too many unexplained details, an excessive amount of brutality apparently executed and admittedly, no answers. I can’t perceive that.
Reporter: Does it have the aroma of coverup?
Hatch: Yep, it has the aroma of coverup.

The relevant portion of Hatch’s change with the press went on for almost eight minutes. All through, Hatch didn’t mince words about his certainty that the Trentadue case wanted to be investigated and
that the DOJ’s report was not enough. Listed here are some further quotes from Hatch throughout that Q and A:

“They (DOJ) haven’t found any felony liability here. However, they will’t explain the large inconsistencies of what occurred in this specific instance.”

“There’s quite a bit incorrect with this case and I hope anyone will resolve it however apparently the Federal government hasn’t been in a position to do so.”

“Any person aside from Trentadue beat…beat Trenta due up. The accidents that he suffered on his physique don’t seem to have been self-inflicted, neither does the reality of his demise.”

“Any person has not informed the reality here and someone for my part is masking up.”

“It just appears to be an incredible injustice as we sit right here right now.”

The diploma to which Money’s work performed a task in Hatch’s public show of opposition to the dealing with of the Trentadue case may be up for debate however it did play a task.

The admission by the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that a coverup happened in a case with such robust connections to the Oklahoma Metropolis bombing should dramatically shift the burden of proof to the federal authorities, not only in the Trentadue case however within the a lot larger investigation of the Oklahoma Metropolis bombing.

J.D. Cash’s work is backed up by witnesses, documents, and unmatched investigative reporting. If Senator Hatch believed there was a coverup with respect to Trentadue’s demise – which might virtually essentially align him with the conclusions of Money’s five part collection – shouldn’t the a number of other stories penned by Cash warrant increased credibility as properly?

The admission by Hatch went a great distance in doing simply that. If members of the federal authorities have been certainly involved in a coverup relative to a demise suspected of getting ties to the Oklahoma City bombing, why ought to a coverup of the bombing itself not be suspected?

Cash had already made that case.

Even after Hatch expressed these considerations following that non-public assembly with Eric Holder on October 9, 1997 the previous Senate Judiciary chairman inexplicably and egregiously forged a “Yea” vote to affirm Eric Holder as Barack Obama’s Lawyer Basic on February 2, 2009.

The video interview with Hatch clearly proved he knew the small print surrounding the case of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. His vote for Holder in 2009 was unprincipled and unconscionable.

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