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Some Dems are sounding a lot like Kavanaugh defenders in their attacks on Biden accuser Lucy Flores :: We Hunted The Mammoth

Some Dems are sounding a lot like Kavanaugh defenders in their attacks on Biden accuser Lucy Flores :: We Hunted The Mammoth

Biden has been doing this gropey shit for therefore lengthy that someone made a Halloween costume out of it

UPDATE: Two more ladies have come forward to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching, making 4 in all.

By David Futrelle

It’s not precisely information that Joe Biden has a groping drawback. We’ve all seen the movies, yr after yr, of Biden enjoying the position of creepy uncle at event after event, pawing weirdly at the shoulders, and hips, and typically even the chests of girls and women in his vicinity, fussing with their hair, maybe leaning in to whisper one thing in their ears and even to kiss them on the again of their head.

But up till now we haven’t heard from any of the women in these videos — or anyone else handled in an analogous means when the cameras weren’t near. No more. On Friday. as you little question know, Democratic politician and former Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores got here ahead with a story about how Biden, backstage at an campaign rally, had come up behind her and put his palms on her shoulders.

“I felt him get nearer to me from behind,” Flores wrote in an essay revealed in New York magazine’s The Minimize on Friday.

He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified. I assumed to myself, “I didn’t wash my hair as we speak and the vice-president of the USA is smelling it. And in addition, what within the actual fuck? Why is the vice-president of america smelling my hair?” He proceeded to plant an enormous sluggish kiss on the back of my head.

Flores didn’t recognize Biden’s act of “friendliness.” She was, relatively,

embarrassed … shocked [and] confused. …

The vice-president of america of America had just touched me in an intimate means reserved for shut associates, family, or romantic companions — and I felt powerless to do something about it. …

At that second, she recalled, she needed the earth to open up and swallow her entire.

Now that she has come ahead together with her story, she could also be feeling the identical approach — because her simple and eminently plausible account is being attacked as a vicious lie, a smear job by a political operative who was probably paid for her service.

Her attackers, most of them Democrats, are sounding more than slightly like the MAGA-heads who attacked Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser
Christine Blasey Ford. It’s not a great look for any Democrat.

Some are asking her the identical question so many Kavanaugh defenders asked about Ford: why didn’t she come ahead immediately? The clear implication is that until a lady goes public immediately together with her accusations there is something fishy about her story.

Laurie Brunner
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Certainly. Did Ms. Flores tell Mr. Biden, at the moment he touched her, that it made her uncomfortable and that she would prefer he not get that close to her? No? She waited 2 years, until a presidential bid is announced. Does that not strike anyone else as strange?Biden did not sexually assault Flores, she even doesn't think so. At any point in the last five years she could have said something but chose to do so when she knew it would damage him politically - she admits this. This was clearly a political hit job.lauritz larsen
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Replying to @MSNBC
Lucy Flores says, “I’m very progressive...”, but apparently she now feels that a hug and a peck of a kiss which, in the past, she clearly was not be repulsed by, is now disqualifying for Biden. 
This is disingenuous.

There are all types of completely official and understandable causes victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault don’t come ahead instantly, or ever.

And Flores has already answered this question in her piece on The Minimize: He was the fucking Vice President of america, who was there doing her a political favor. She didn’t assume his actions fairly rose “to the extent of what most people think about sexual assault.” If she and Biden had been working in the identical office, she might (and says she would) have gone to HR; there’s no mechanism to cope with this kind of factor in politics. After which there was the reaction she knew she would get from Biden supporters.

“For years,” she writes,

I feared my experience can be dismissed. Biden shall be Biden. Boys will probably be boys. I fearful concerning the doubts, the threats, the insults, and the minimization. “It’s not that massive of a deal. He touched her, so what?” The quick passing of judgement and the questioning of motives. “Why now? Why so long after? She simply needs consideration.” Or: “It’s politically motivated.”

In the few days since her story appeared on-line, every single one among these fears has come true.

What made her determine to return ahead eventually? She says it was the videos, the identical movies we’ve all seen. She couldn’t stand to see a attainable future president of the US doing to different ladies and women what she says he did to her.

In fact, most of Flores’ critics either haven’t heard her rationalization, or they’ve and have determined to dismiss it. For them, it’s all an enormous “smear,” a political “hit job,” in all probability on behalf of some nefarious villain.

For a lot of the critics, that villain is Bernie Sanders.

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It’s disturbing Ms Flores could  destroy Biden who championed for women rights before MeToo was popular because“he violated my space”.. How violated was she if she then had photos w/Biden standing close w/BIG smile on her face.Looks like Bernie supporter knocking out competition@FrederickHay
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Lucy Flores’ unseemly attack on Joe Biden is a transparent and politically motivated play by a Bernie Sanders supporter to destroy Joe Biden’s candidacy and character. Another example of #metoo being used to destroy without any due process or fairness afforded the accused.

In truth, while Flores was a Bernie supporter in 2016 and served on the board of the Bernie-friendly Our Revolution group for a time, she hasn’t stated who she’s supporting this go-around As CNN has famous, she was lately noticed at a Beto rally, and has stated constructive things about Kamala Harris’ marketing campaign.

Some are even suggesting Flores — a former Nevada state assemblywoman, serial Democratic candidate, and the top of a progressive Latina advocacy group referred to as Luz Collective — is working as an agent for … Donald Trump or some shadowy Trump-friendly right-wing cabal.

Nick Borg
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Who paid Flores to say these things now? I believe Biden kissed her in back of the head, yes, but I also think it wasn't a sexual gesture & I also believe someone paid Flores to come forward right now. Seems the Trump camp is very scared of Biden!!Nate Morris
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@ZerlinaMaxwell Good tough discussion on MSNBC. Question. Has Ms. Flores come out against Trump's alleged sexual forays? Lesley Moonves? Hollywood Harvey? Al Franken? Or has she been hatched by GOP 'trickster money' to put an early dagger in Biden's campaign?CWP
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Replying to @MSNBC
stfu Flores you lying exaggerating pos... how much you getting paid to cast aspersions on Biden, that’s the real story here...

One critic even appeared to recommend a plot spearheaded by meatloaf-headed Fox News host and Trump fan Sean Hannity … and
an obscure publication referred to as Cutter journal?

This is able to be a wierd conspiracy certainly, as a result of, as far as I can tell, Cutter magazine doesn’t exist, and again when it did exist, it was not a political journal but fairly a commerce publication for hairstylists?

I child. Obviously AlphaFemale is just mangling the identify of the decidedly non-Hannityesque The Minimize, the place Flores’ piece was revealed, and which I’ve written for as nicely.

Lots of Flores’ less-conspiracy minded critics assume the only individual she’s working for is herself — that she’s a fame-hungry no one who simply needs a second within the highlight.

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Flores had plenty of pictures with Biden. Why didn't she just take him to the side and just tell him one on one! I'm uncomfortable. Case closed! No! She has to go on every fuc***g show on earth to get her 15 minutes of fame.Factlover51
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@MSNBC Stop giving Flores the airtime. She's making this a political smear against Joe Biden. 15 minutes of fame in an attempt to kill a campaign. If she wants to be relevant she should get into REAL public service.Natalie
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The fact that Flores is happy to go all over MSM is just gross. Instead of making a simple statement and asking that Biden apologize and do better,  she seems to be basking in the spotlight the MSM is giving her. Its just overboard.

This is, in fact, exactly what lots of Kavanaugh’s defenders stated about Ford, who was, chances are you’ll recall, so enthusiastic about her newfound fame that she actually went into hiding after her testimony to protect herself and her family from potential violence from the MAGAs who had bombarded her with threats and abuse.

Some try a time-tested technique of psychological manipulation often known as DARVO (Deny, Assault, and Reverse Sufferer and Offender), accusing Flores of being the actual sexual harasser, as a result of she allegedly put her hand on his shoulder first.

Hubert Temba
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This is Lucy Flores putting her hand on Joe Biden’s shoulder. Come on, tell me who’s doing what on who. Women alleged unproven stuff against Al Franken and Franken resigned. Not this time. I support Biden. Let him run, let voters decide.Trmpthucks
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WHAAAA............. ?!?  Flores touched Biden first?  It's like Trump calling Cruz Lyin Ted. 
You know, a liar calling someone else a liar.

Never mind that a easy hand on the shoulder was never the difficulty. Flores, as you recall, says Biden, backstage at an event, grabbed both of her shoulders from behind, leaned ahead to smell her hair, after which “proceeded to plant an enormous sluggish kiss on the again of my head.” That’s totally different than briefly putting not even your hand however simply two fingers on the shoulder of someone taking a selfie with you in it.

But the strangest, er, argument I’ve seen towards Flores is that she’s a hypocrite because … she let Bernie touch her shoulders and didn’t complain about it.

Once I first ran across this argument final night time, in the tweet under, I was utterly bowled over.

As I put it on Twitter: yeah, it’s sort of up to Flores to determine who can put their arms on her shoulders, since they are, you already know, her shoulders.

Also, I don’t see Bernie smelling her hair or planting an enormous moist one of the back of her head.

Remarkably, I’ve run throughout others making the identical bizarre argument as Holle:

Rebel Resister
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Replying to @CBSNews
Funny how Flores didn’t have an issue with Bernie’s hands on her shoulders. Or putting her hands on Biden’s shoulders.

I was initially giving her the benefit of the doubt on this. I’m done with that. This is a political hit. I hate Bernie even more now.Radicalized Julie Owens
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More Radicalized Julie Owens Retweeted Mac
Until Lucy Flores came forward, I was leaning toward Harris & Beto. Now, Biden is my likely candidate, after all the reminders of his compassion. Thanks, Lucy Flores -- your lie, in support of Bernie, helped me to see the truth about Joe more clearly.

That is appalling. It’s additionally not going to work. Kavanaugh gained his #MeToo battle as a result of Republicans — the politicians and the voters alike — have proven that they don’t give two shits about even probably the most credible stories of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or even youngster molestation — at the very least if the alleged perp is one among them.

However Democrats — most of them, anyway — truly care about this shit, as properly they should. And Flores is simply the first Biden accuser to speak up. A second accuser has already come forward with another story of inappropriate touching by Biden. Extra will certainly comply with, and due to the ample video proof of Biden’s lengthy history of dangerous touches it gained’t be onerous for most of us to consider them.

Final night time I attempted watching a number of the videos in a Twitter thread devoted to Biden’s creepy conduct, and I couldn’t make it previous the primary couple of them with out actually flinching in disgust — as a few of the ladies and women in the movies can’t help however doing themselves. To anyone nonetheless supporting Biden, I problem you to observe the videos in this thread. Every single one among them. After which tell me that Flores is mendacity and that Biden is just a pleasant previous uncle. I don”t assume you’ll have the ability to. His conduct is disqualifying. It will possibly’t be excused any longer.

2020 is going to be ugly. However will probably be quite a bit much less ugly if Biden does the proper factor and takes himself out of consideration. He’s had an extended political career. It’s time for it to be over.

NOTE: I’m conscious that there are trolls and even presumably some Russian bots on Twitter who’re desperate to amplify fights between the supporters of different candidates. I’ve made some extent in this submit to solely quote these Tweeters who seem to be legit Democrats posting sincerely and to keep away from people who have small follower counts or that look fishy for different reasons. And in case you’re questioning: I have not yet chosen a candidate myself; I have some points with everyone out there, frankly, although there are several candidates I definitely might find yourself supporting without an excessive amount of regret. I obviously would vote for even a literal piece of shit over Trump, however I might really choose it if that piece of shit was not named Joe Biden.

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