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Searching for a silver bullet. – Zehabesha – Latest Ethiopian News Provider

Searching for a silver bullet. - Zehabesha - Latest Ethiopian News Provider

Yohannes E. Temesgen.

Dallas, Texas

Just lately, I learn an article written by Asfaw Regasa which is an open letter to professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam. I also learn many articles by the same writer, whom I consider is a very dedicated and well-educated Ethiopian who wrote exceptionally constructive viewpoints for our nation’s obvious points with conceivable options. I recommended Asfaw Regasa on his bold strategy to put in writing about Ethiopia’s current affair.

But, on this open letter to Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, I scratched my head as to why Asfaw Regasa went too far to question professor Al’s integrity that he is passionately supporting the present prime minister of Ethiopia. He was additionally making an attempt to boost doubt on Professor Al’s honesty and query professor Al’s motive why he doesn’t write with the identical width and breadth concerning the current prime minister as he does with the late Meles Zenawi. I consider, professor Alemayehu has every proper to adore and admire whomever he needs, and I will depart this to the revered professor to answer as he sees fit and defend his place.

For my part, virtually all Ethiopian citizens consider that schooling is a greatest device ever created to develop and improve maturity of consciousness, perception and acumen of all people who gets a chance to satisfy their quest for enlightenment. Consequently, majority of Ethiopian poor farmers, who nonetheless uses two oxen to till their land paid dearly to teach their little kids and greets their well-educated younger with all respect and reverence.

Sadly, most who contemplate themselves as literate are usually not as insightful as many people assume that they are with regards to politics. Those who thinks that they are on the know are those who created confusion and misery for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Individuals might pursue their educational research or different self-discipline and be graduated from some academia with a number of levels. Those same individuals who studied primary algebra as 1 plus 1 equals 2 concept of their faculty day might not consent to a Boolean algebra or binary arithmetic which is usually referred to as duality. Boolean laws are obtained by changing every AND to OR and each OR to AND alternatively. i.e. all 1 s and zero s. This is the essential arithmetic concept which creates our trendy pc system that we all take pleasure in seeing the world as a small village at the moment. Contrary to most of our cultured elites’ perception, one plus one might not all the time be two as there are lots of of reasons and shifting elements that refute one plus one equals two principle in politics.

If one chooses to be a politician, he ought to reduce the number of disgruntled individuals from his constituency at any value or in different words the chief of a nation should bend backwards to appease the citizens.  This is where, one plus one isn’t equaling to two argument. There could be a only a few politicians who could possibly be remembered pretty in historical past, that they speak the reality to their individuals, remedy most issues that have been there once they took office and work arduous to satisfy the citizen’s demand in in search of justice, equality, democracy and truthful distribution of wealth within a limited phrases that they’ve been elected for the workplace that they held or once they grab power the African means, by all means crucial.

Once more, one plus one equals two strategy is disastrous or a political suicide for any politician who are on the drive seats at this risky world. One might argue that they should imply what they are saying or no less than be in the best course, but the fact of the matter is that we witnessed, yr in and yr out in any given geographical places that they are the identical previous the same previous, and it’s disgusting. We, as a individuals have to have the search for a silver bullet for all our points? Sure. Do we need to battle for having a greater politician? Positive, we do! but how, is the question I want to ask those who assume that they are involved for the wellbeing of their individuals and country.

From my perspective, politics is a process and it has been all the time selecting the lesser of two evils, so I recommend not to be vile opposition figures and nasty detractors all the time to every politician who is there to work. We don’t need to be venomous to any chief who is working to the development of unity integration and prosperity of the nation as we was for Meles Zenawi, and Mengistu Hailemariam. We don’t have to be in a pause mode and oppose all the things regardless. Do our adversaries who are working day and night time to create havoc in Ethiopia see our battle as a blessing? In fact, they do and are very happy to see this battle each single day.  Or do we expect that opposing the whole lot will make us look a greater educated? No, I don’t assume so!!

The educated ones are those with unfathomable wisdom who all the time see things in its entirety and recommend a workable answer. One should present his degree of schooling by analyzing a state of affairs, looking for options and look at the pros and cons, contemplating peace and security of the individuals and see eminent risks at hindsight and show the best way out or be a part of an answer quite than being a barking opposition that seeks consideration in each instance.  Because the saying goes, “It is better to mild a candle than curse the darkness”. Everybody from the street can speak concerning the gloom and doom of a nation and complain all day alongside, but our educated ones should select their phrases and shouldn’t assault dignity of their fellow residents who are making an attempt to deliver but hand-tied. As an alternative, they need to present us a method out from the depth of a hole that we all are in. It’s straightforward to seat afar and complain without making an attempt to know the complexity of main a nation of 105 million plus with tens of hundreds of various mind-boggling issues. As we all might perceive, cumulative distressed state of affairs that each one Ethiopians live day in day trip could not be fastened in months and years. Or if someone thinks dangerous mouthing and condemning the siting prime minister could be a boost for him to deliver a magic bullet to resolve all points directly, that is deplorable to say the least.

Sky is near for many who sat is certainly one of Ethiopian adage.  Presently, our state of affairs goes from the subsistence farming, to eight million citizens who wants world’s food assistance, to the scarcity of unpolluted consuming water, lack of health institutions, lack of a top quality schooling, to an previous and broken infrastructure, to inflation, to the mounting debt of the country and lack of exhausting foreign money, to the 70 % of the inhabitants which is underneath the age of 35 with no future, broad unfold of lawlessness and concern of disintegration as a rustic… and so on. I would like my respected fellow Ethiopians, to look again deep into a Boolean algebra concept and I will conclude my writing by saying the aged, but an exquisite aphorism practiced in northern a part of our nation and in Arabian Peninsula. “If my brother and my cousin are preventing one another, I stood by my brother although my brother is at fault. If my cousin and a stranger are preventing each other, I stood by my cousin despite the fact that my cousin is at­­­ fault. This can be a proven experimental bridge to a society and a Boolean algebra to me. If your opposition to at least one entity enhances and increase your adversary, it is higher not to be a cannon fodder to hit your personal residence turf. We should not be an echo chamber for Woyane, OMN, Tigray online pretend and hate news propaganda machine and disseminate hateful details about the prime minister who’s doing his greatest to Ethiopia and we don’t should be performed on their hand to infuriate us, making a wedge amongst us and see from afar how efficient they grow to be to disintegrate this nation.

There isn’t any fact in politics, no permanent enemy or permanent associates, however there’s permanent interest. So, as they are saying, you don’t have to throw the infant with the bathtub water. When you’ve got considerations concerning the fate of your nation, reward in public and criticize in personal and tackle it to the suitable place. In contrast to TPLF regime, there are lots of open channels lately.  Apart from, there’s a third dimension referred to as time issue for every part on the planet. In different phrases, if your vicious assault to the current prime minster emboldens woyane, and OLF, and consequently that causes a civil unrest, weakens and disintegrate the one that you love nation, you turn out to be a brief sighted looser who works day and night time in your demise. Please don’t shoot your leg.

As an informed individual we all the time have a selection and we shouldn’t let our feelings blind our judgment. Ones we really feel that we are clear from danger, then we’ve time and peaceable land the place we will stand, confront and question our captain and we might ask him then, why you selected this route which causes us a relatively massive loss, why you do this presently, why you favor to behave this manner…. if we, the individuals are not getting a worthwhile answer, then we’ll vote him out through the ballot box. This can be a process that we have to study and educate our individuals. Don’t look far, in the event you flip round you will notice the perfect constitution written ever and practiced for more than 229 years and thought of as an envy of the world. Take a look at 45, more than half of the inhabitants believes that he is unfit for the very best office in the land, a disastrous and horrible leader in the history of this nation, but if we’re truthful and law-abiding citizen, and if we trust within the rule of regulation, we wait, exit and vote. Help our individuals, arrange and create a society that would help changing the world to be a better place.


Yohannes E. Temesgen.

September 7, 2019

I may be reached at: [email protected]

















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