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Please Stop Predisposing Amaras to Continue Perishing in Cities and Rural Areas!

Please Stop Predisposing Amaras to Continue Perishing in Cities and Rural Areas!

By Belayneh Abate

It is with a deep grief that I watched the body of a toddler slaughtered with a spear that penetrated his belly and passed out by means of his decrease back in Metekel. This tragedy checks our humanity, brotherhood, sisterhood and parenthood.  We are becoming mother and father, sisters and brothers who can’t shield our youngsters, sisters and brothers. Even birds and chickens do whatever it takes to protect their chicks from predators. The Amara individuals should shield its group from predators that chew  more bizarrely than the rabid beasts.

As we know,  the Amaras have been massacred and displaced in each nook of Ethiopia for the last 42 years. The massacre and  the displacement of Amaras has continued in larger magnitude,  however many including some impotent Amara elites blame ethnic politics and the newly established defendant Amara groups  for these atrocities. Because ethnic politics and the victimized Amaras are all the time blamed for these atrocities,  no one is held accountable for the tens of hundreds of lives perished, and the hundreds of thousands of innocents tortured, sterilized and  displaced for 42 years.

I don’t assume anyone can adequately defend the feasibility of Ethnic politics in any society. Nevertheless,  preaching concerning the dangerous effects of Ethnic politics  has by no means halted the massacre, torture and displacement of Amaras for the last 42 years.

Christianity has been preached for greater than 2000 years, however just a few (if any) strictly comply with the routes of the faith. Equally, we’ve been preaching concerning the catastrophic  results of ethnic politics for decades. Despite our preaching,  the cyclones of ethnic politics coated the Ethiopian sky and fractured the land and the individuals in ethnic strains. Recovering from the cyclones of ethnic politics can’t be achieved inside many years even when there’s a firm willpower to ban ethnic politics.

Banning ethnic politics at the moment might have vital influence after many years, however it has little fast effect to guard Amaras who’ve been the prime targets of  Ethnic politics for many years. Considering  that ethnic  politics will fade like summer time fog whether it is banned at present is a gullible considering that  lacks the information and the understanding  of how cultural and behavioral modifications come into impact. It took us more than 123 years to immerse our bodies into the quagmire of ethnic politics: It’s going to take us many years, if not centuries, to return out of it.

After the fantastic victory of Adwa, the Europeans designed Ethnic politics for us as a result of our forefathers decisively defeated and embarressed them in their first attempt of colonization.  The wounded and humiliated colonizers drew the maps of Ethnic administrations and tried to place them in place throughout their second invasion in late 1920’s. This futile attempt was defied by our  gladiators, but  it was unfortunately materialized  in the mid 1980’s by the bandas they baptized.

In other phrases, ethnic politics started to stroll on its foot in 1980’s after it was borne from the wombs of bandas that delightfully acquired  the European sperms of ethnic politics 123 years earlier. The sperms these bandas acquired had anti-Amara codes of their  DNA chains.  Slicing these anti-Amara  genomes just isn’t a simple activity because it has been shown for the final 60 years. It will take many years of unwavering effort to take out this cursed genes and reverse  the  course of ethnic politics.

Dictated by the anti-Amara genome, the affected teams preached anti-Amara ethnic politics to the non-Amara segments of the Ethiopian individuals for a lot of many years. Because of this unholy  preaching, a cursed fig timber of anti-Amara ethnic politics have been planted in the minds of the non-Amara youth. These cursed fig timber have grown lengthy roots and quite a few braches  within the minds of the non-Amara youth. It needs robust effort and the assistance of God to  uproot these cursed timber from their minds. These cursed timber cannot be eliminated simply by performing radical mastectomy on sculpture of “Annolle” or under knee amputation on the  monument of “martyrs”.

Equally, this cursed tree can’t be destroyed immediately by cursing ethnic politics non-stop or putting an exquisite Jano on the shoulders of the addicted “Lemma Workforce” or praising and bowing under the knees of the spy and the legal “messiah”.

Some shallow thinkers consider that ethnics politics will vanish if the former servants of the Tigre Individuals Libration Entrance(TPLF) declare that ethnic politics is banned. They relentlessly beg the unborn once more spy pastor to ban ethnic politics that he was baptized with. They assume  Ethnic politics may be treated like habit of tobacco , opiates  or road medicine in 3-9 months. Nevertheless, treating  habit of Ethnic politics requires extraordinary effort and many years of rehabilitation remedy.

The habit of ethnic politics has been endemic in sure  households because the time of the colonization period. This endemic ethnic politics turned epidemic when a mafia group sponsored by the West and Arabs changed the unitary central government. This mafia group shared its Anti-Amara manifesto to other proponents of ethnic politics.

Eradication of ethnic politics require rehabilitation packages for the promoters of anti-Amara ethnic politics, who are dictated by anti-Amara gene codes, and convincing the West that encoded the genes in these promoters  in the first place.  It takes decade(if not centuries) to finish the rehabilitation remedies and to  convince the West that Amara just isn’t a menace for his or her interests. These days, understanding these details, the Amaras began to return together and defend themselves from the ordinary promoters of anti-Amara politics.

As we  know, the Amara individuals was predisposed to ethnic cleansing because it kept away from organizing itself  in ethnic line in contrast to others. It refrained organizing itself in ethnic line  because it understood the culprits of ethnic politics. However, the promoters of anti-Amara ethnic politics strengthen their ethnic organizations established inside the final 60 years.

Though these 40-60 years previous organizations continued to massacre and displace the Amaras in direct or oblique method, many including the  traitor Amaras are blaming the newly shaped  defendant Amara groups. It’s upsetting to see opportunists and traitors that all the time sing for the  powerful  blame the newly shaped defendant Amara groups for the present massacre  and displacement of Amaras.

Would these opportunists  blame the newly shaped Amara organizations for the  atrocities committed on Amaras for the last 42 years as properly? Would the traitors blame the newly shaped defendant Amaras for the bloodbath and displacement of Amaras in wolkait and Raya for the final 42 years? Would these opportunists  blame this newly shaped defendant Amara teams for the Amaras thrown within the deep canyons of Bedeno*? Would these unjust individuals blame these newly shaped defendant Amara teams for the lives slaughtered in Arba Gugu, Arsi Negele, and Wolega many years in the past**? Would these opportunists blame these newly shaped defendant Amara groups for the hundreds of Amaras displaced by Legesse Zenawi and Shiferaw Shigute years in the past***?

Blaming the sufferer and empowering the  victimizer just isn’t solely unjust but in addition  an encouragement to perpetuate and promote horror. The Amara individuals has been the prime sufferer of the victimizers  for at the least 42 years. As information on the bottom show, the Amara individuals has been marginalized from political, social and economical participation for almost three many years. It has been systematically excluded from instructional opportunities and accesses to  healthcare.

This 42-years  ethnic cleaning of Amara has to stop! This ethnic cleansing could be halted only by the Amaras  supported by the facility of God who  condemns penetrating the stomach of a toddler by an extended and sharp spear. The Amara Ethnic cleaning might be halted solely by Amara Individuals supported by the facility of God that reproaches throwing innocents in to the grand canyons, capturing youngsters with ammunition, amputating genitalia with knives, and displacing infants and pregnant mothers from their houses.

Those of you who relentlessly blame defendant Amaras, please unwind and revise the massacre and displacement of innocents for the last 42 years. Ask yourself about what the Amara individuals ought to do when it continues to experience bloodbath and displacement although it waited with endurance for three many years defying ethnic politics? Ask yourself what the Amara resistance groups  ought to do once they see their kin get killed with spears, ammunition and menchas  like wild animals in all places?

It’s saddening to see many web sites, radios, news papers, magazines and  televisions ( the one time ardent critics of EPRDF), now giving deaf ears to the bloodbath  and displacement of Amaras in every nook of the country. Websites, information papers, radios, televisions, magazines, individuals,  please  use your voices to halt the misery of the victims and to seek justice as an alternative  of throwing the guilt to  the victims’ defendants. Please be conscientious and cease blaming the defending Amaras and predisposing the Amaras to continue perishing in every cities and rural areas. Thanks.

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*Amara Genocide in Bedeno Video:

**Amara Masscre in Arba gugu video

***Amaras displaced from all over the place ESAT Radio

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