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How To Be the Cosmic Writer-Creator You Are

How To Be the Cosmic Writer-Creator You Are

by Ulrike Selleck

Have you ever thought-about your self a cosmic writer-creator?

I definitely hadn’t! Most of us think of ourselves as localized identities, beings with ups and downs. Lack of inspiration. Fatigue or burn out. Low power, and even melancholy. Author’s block. Self doubt. Perfectionism. Insecurity, and lack of self-confidence. Worry of failure. The listing goes on.

However right here’s a thought: What if this entire artistic factor isn’t about us, about our small particular person egos?

What if we’re right here for the larger good of all? What if we’re the right instruments within the symphony of the Universe, contributing exactly what we’re purported to at any given moment?

And what if, like all instruments, we just need three things to be in tune and play our devices to perfection?

  • Design our devices
  • Create area and resonance
  • Tune

You see, the entire Universe is product of frequencies, and all of us have inside us the world’s oldest instrument, a therapeutic instrument that’s able to creating healing sound frequencies: the body and voice.

Most of us think of the voice as a communication device at the start. Second, perhaps as a performance software, to please others or be judged by others.

However how many of us grew up considering of our voices as tools for self-healing?

I do know I didn’t. I had no concept until age 32 once I developed a health drawback and stood in Deepak Chopra’s office, where he informed me: If you wish to heal, you must study to sing, converse up, and categorical your self.

Listed here are three steps that will help you do exactly that.

1) Design your instrument.

Your body is the natural antenna between the Divine and the Earth. So build your instrument straight, symmetrical and self-referral!

Verify in with yourself proper now: What place is your body in? Are you leaning back? Hunching ahead? Sitting straight?

If you lean forward or hunch, your spine curves and your head hangs ahead. The body leans down, and the message your mind will get is that you simply’re actually feeling “down.”

What does the ever-helpful brain do? It provides you actual causes to really feel down, and will supply up all types of thoughts and emotions that make you are feeling even worse!

Even in case you have been feeling pretty good earlier than, the mere reality that you simply’re hunching or leaning forward is usually sufficient to cause down-spiraling feelings and thoughts.

However, once you lean again, as in “enjoyable,” you possibly can typically feel as should you don’t care, are bored, tired, or ready to give up, all because you’re leaning backwards. Plus your neck will probably be crooked making an attempt to stability the backwards-leaning place. Again, not good!

In both instances you’re literally and figuratively “off your middle.”

The remedy? Straighten up!

Our human bodies are the vertical connection between Heaven and Earth. In contrast to animal bodies—that are principally horizontally oriented, closer to the earth, and extra instinctual—our human bodies are like antennas connecting the Divine with the Earth.

If you stand, feel as if lifted from the highest of the back of your head to the Heavens, like a marionette, with the chin barely tucked. Stay in that area, even when interacting or speaking with somebody a unique peak than yours.

In the event you’re sitting, have a right angle between your torso and thighs as should you’re sitting on a deck or a dock, legs dangling. In that centered, aligned area you’re related together with your Highest Steerage. In that area is where all of the potential of your distinctive creativity and self-expression lies.

You possibly can feel it, can’t you? And it’s all the time there. But in the event you’re busy being mopey, hunched ahead, leaning backwards, or in any other case “in your story,” you literally can’t “hear” this Divine Steerage!

2) Create area and resonance.

You’re Infinite. So construct your instrument big, and breathe in the Infinity you truly already are.

Perhaps you’ve been meditating for some time now and have some experience of your personal Infinity, pure consciousness, bliss, or whatever fantastic state you’ve skilled as being your personal self. However then, what do you do?

You return into exercise and overlook all about it! You say issues like: “Oh I can’t do this, I’m all the time like this, I’ve all the time accomplished that, I can by no means do this…”

The answer? Practice the muscle memory in your body to manifest that ultimate fact of you being Infinity.

Have you ever ever seen and even played a guitar, bass, violin, or cello? They’re curved like a human body, with two main areas of area and resonance.

Likewise, in your body there are two areas you’re capable of broaden and create area in, from the within out:

  • your lungs/ribs, and
  • your throat.

Here’s learn how to create area in your instrument.

Create area in your lungs/ribs:

Take a traditional breath via your nostril, breathing in your Infinity and Divine Mild, and allow your lungs to inflate all around like an inside tube.

Pay particular consideration to your ribcage, which you need to maintain OFF your lungs as a lot as humanly potential.

You see, once we have been youngsters, our lungs had a lot more freedom, area, and room to broaden. We played, screamed, sang, pretended, and usually gave our lungs a reasonably good work out each day.

However then with quite a lot of life experiences, the passage of time, and the doubtful pleasure of the pressure of gravity, most of the time the ribcage falls back down on prime of the lungs with each exhale.

By lifting your ribcage off your lungs, you’ll permit your lungs to inflate extra, which leads to higher lung capability over time, boosts the immune system, and creates a more playful feeling in your body.

Even right now it may give you a sense of freedom, area, and power.

To get a sense for this sensation, simply fake you’re a physique builder. Stick out your ribcage and strut around the room, puffing yourself up to be all self-important. Do this on the inhale, AND through the exhale.

Create area and freedom in your throat:

What do you do once we’re drained, hungry, or need oxygen?

Right. You yawn. Yawning is a good way to create area in your throat chakra, the middle of self-expression.

As youngsters many of us keep in mind feeling much freer than we do now. But quickly we have been informed: “Shut up, be quiet, not so loud, maintain your voice down, you possibly can’t sing, you sing off key.”

So what did we do? We shut up. We constricted our power to evolve and feel liked.

The throat is the very important middle of self-expression, and the connection between heart and mind. Once we’re blocked there—and many of us are—the power can’t move, which in flip might create well being issues down the line, as was the case in my life.

So please, do your self a favor, and open up and yawn!

By the best way, it’s the start of the yawn you need to imitate and commit to muscle memory. At first of the yawn there’s probably the most stretch; ergo area and freedom. The uvula is up, your apple cheeks go up, and your larynx is down. That is the area you need to create.

Breathing in now you inflate your lungs, raise your ribcage off your lungs, and carry your apple cheeks and yawn—multi functional breath. Then pause earlier than you exhale, ideally whereas preserving your rib cage off your lungs a bit longer.

That is what creates this sensation of energy, invincibility, area, and freedom from which you’ll be able to create.

Now you’ve built your instrument straight and aligned, in addition to open, and filled with area and your personal Infinity.

three) Tune and play your instrument!

What can we naturally do once we yawn, and no one is round to guage us for it? Right. We make a sound! We put a sound into the area we created, often from high to low. It feels nice, and is so enjoyable.

All we’ve got to do is to optimize this pure tendency.

You see, in every day life most of us use solely about 5 or 6 notes of our vocal vocabulary in our talking voice. Most of us, nevertheless, have 25 notes (or three+ octaves) out there in our body/instrument. So all we’re utilizing more often than not is one fifth of our capacity! Isn’t that astounding?

Here’s the factor: Each word in our range has a sure frequency. Each frequency resonates in a certain part of the physique, enlivening that half. Imagine solely ever enlivening one a part of your body. That may be like stretching solely your arms, by no means your legs or back.

Utilizing our full vary even a number of seconds a day enlivens, connects and subsequently heals the whole body.

The high notes resonate in the direction of the top of the top with our connection to the Divine, instinct, mind, and thoughts. The middle notes resonate within the higher torso area, in the chakra of self-expression within the throat, and within the coronary heart. The lower notes resonate in the direction of the decrease elements of the torso, the facility chakra, middle of creativity, and our very important connection with Earth.

You’ll be able to see how frictionless communication between all of the totally different elements of your body might come in useful when creating each moment of your life, and especially when creating your next masterpiece.

Find out how to accomplish this?

It’s easy: Be aligned and in your middle, inflate your lungs, carry your cheeks and have that smirky pre-yawning feeling of enlargement, after which pause for a second.

Retaining “all” the air in your body, fake to not exhale at all, however keep full of breath, which I equate with Being. Then gently hum in the front of your face from excessive to low. From as excessive as you possibly can go to as little as you possibly can go, in one fell swoop. (In fact you need to feel snug, so use your widespread sense, and please do breathe when it’s worthwhile to!)

I liken it to climbing a steep hill (inhaling and lifting both cheeks, uvula, and rib cage off your lungs), and then sledding down that snowy mountain.

All when you ARE the mountain, by no means getting smaller just because you sled down.

That is how you enliven as many frequencies and flavors of the Universe as potential in your physique, with your personal voice.

On this aligned, expanded, and attuned state, you can now really feel Divine Steerage. You got out of your personal approach, and have been capable of be a celestial instrument to play the music of the Divine on Earth, by way of your distinctive nervous system, karma, dharma, joy, talent, and eventually, your pen.

An Train to Help You Achieve Readability

In a moment of confusion, use these simple three steps to realize clarity.

Align, broaden, and tune, so your entire physique is enlivened, and then ask your self whatever you want for clarity. For example: “Is that this ___ in my Highest Good?”

If, on this state, your body leans ahead, will get warm, feels mild and open, as if going in the direction of your choice, then this can be a YES for you.

If, then again, your physique moves backward a bit, closes down, feels chilly and heavy, then no matter you asked is a NO for you.

In moments whenever you start to strain, really feel desperate, or really feel lost as to what and the best way to write and create, align yourself with Heaven and Earth, increase your instrument to “Infinity,” and then play your instrument in your entire vary, from excessive to low, enlivening all of the vocal and subsequently emotional vocabulary so unique to you, for the complete expression of who you’re.

The world is waiting in your creation.

* * *

Therapeutic Voice Professional Ulrike Selleck is the Writer of Sing Yourself Properly, a classical singer, healing voice yoga instructor, and intuitive, energetic healing facilitator.

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