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he Chicken Littles Are Clucking, “The Sky is Falling on Ethiopia!”

he Chicken Littles Are Clucking, “The Sky is Falling on Ethiopia!”

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Writer’s Observe: On this commentary, I try to explain to my readers why on the eve of PM Abiy Ahmed’s stellar first yr anniversary there’s a lot political white noise in Ethiopia. There’s a campaign of Infowars (psychological warfare) underway on the  individuals of Ethiopia and the administration of PM Abiy Ahmed. It is a campaign aimed toward creating worry, alarm and nervousness in the inhabitants and rob in style confidence within the management of PM Abiy. I shall argue that the  Infowars campaigns of worry and smear have to be fought with the reality and details. I additionally give causes and clarify why I am a robust supporter of PM Abiy, the younger chief of Ethiopia who is described by the international group as the “African Chief to Watch in 2019”.

Clucking for rain on April 2

The first anniversary of the appointment of H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed to the prime ministership will take place on April 2.

The Hen Littles in Ethiopia are in full hysteria mode.

They are operating round like a hen with the top reduce off clucking, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling on Ethiopia! Let’s tell the individuals the sky is falling on Ethiopia.”

The Hen Littles are waging a psychological conflict.

It’s a warfare of psychological attrition by which the Hen Littles try to wear down public confidence in PM Abiy and his administration by spreading with lies, pretend information, disinformation, gossip and rumor.

It’s a psychological struggle aimed toward manipulating minds, crushing hearts, fraying nerves and breaking down the spirit of the individuals.

It is a psychological conflict designed to create uncertainty within the end result of our peaceful revolution.

They’re using harum-scarum tips to create nervousness, alarm, dread and panic and convince the public the final yr underneath the leadership of PM Abiy was straight outta hell.

Now, the Hen Littles assume they will rain on PM Abiy parade on April 2.

But the information converse for themselves.

The previous 12 months have been the perfect Ethiopia has had in dwelling reminiscence.

No political prisoners. (PM Abiy scoured the Horn of Africa and the Center East on the lookout for Ethiopian refugee prisoners and received hundreds of them released!!)

No journalists in jail.

No restrictions on freedom of speech, religion and meeting.

No state of emergency.

No warfare between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Simply peace, brotherhood and sisterhood.

Free and truthful elections beneath worldwide requirements scheduled.

Peace with all of Ethiopia’s neighbors.

One-half of all ministerial posts manned by ladies.

All opposition events are free to operate.

Diaspora Ethiopians once described as “extremists” and “terrorists” are embraced with open arms.

PM Abiy Ahmed nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by world class organizations and world leaders, the one Ethiopian leader in historical past to be so honored.

Accolades from the international media. The Monetary Occasions just lately wrote Abiy Ahmed, “has overseen the swiftest political liberalisation in Ethiopia’s more than 2,000-year historical past.”

I might go on and on!

But the Hen Littles in Ethiopia need to paint a picture of strife, conflict and conflict on the primary anniversary of PM Abiy’s administration.

Cluck! Cluck! “The nation is on the precipice of civil warfare. We need to arm ourselves.”

Cluck! Cluck! “They are coming to commit genocide on us.”

Cluck! Cluck! “The nation is going to hell in handbasket as a result of PM Abiy shouldn’t be ‘taking action’.”

Cluck! Cluck! “Addis Ababa belongs to us and no one else.”

Cluck! Cluck! “We’ll create a parallel authorities for Addis Ababa.”

Cluck! Cluck! “We’ve been had. The change was a trick. One ethnic group has changed one other in power!”

Cluck! Cluck! “The sky is falling on Ethiopia! We are here to cease it!” Cluck! Cluck!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Hen Littles assume they will cluck rain on PM Abiy’s magnificent 1-year parade.

They assume they will blacken his stellar achievements by clucking doom and gloom.

They assume they will diminish his historic, triumphant and monumental anniversary in their inforwars marketing campaign spreading pretend information, disinformation and misinformation.

They assume they will undermine his towering achievements by waging a campaign of worry and smear; by spreading despair and pessimism; by preaching sorrow and woe, and by singing their mournful songs of selfishness, self-pity and self-indulgence.

But that’s alright!

PM Abiy doesn’t mind all the Hen Littles clucking to rain on his parade.

He is aware of there isn’t any rainbow without rain.

He is aware of at the finish of the rainbow there will all the time be, until the top of time, inexperienced, yellow and pink.

PM Abiy won’t ever let the sun set on the green, yellow and pink of the rainbow nation of Ethiopia!

Of jegnoch (heroes), chatterboxes and Hen Littles

Talking at an occasion celebrating speaking on Worldwide Ladies’s Day on March 8, PM Abiy flatly declared Ethiopia has no heroes:

Although Ethiopia has been referred to as the land of jegnoch (residence of heroes), right now she has an enormous shortage of heroes (jegnoch). In Ethiopia there are not any heroes. Solely mob (herd) followers… Ethiopia has people who say, “Get ready. Arm yourself. Kill. These are people who inherit and repeat previous errors… Following the mob (herd) does not a hero make. What makes a hero is standing for the reality. They can’t be referred to as heroes (jegnoch). Real heroes are those that rise up amidst turmoil and conflict and bear the truth… To fill this hero gap (deficit) as you rejoice March 8th, we should always have heroines… This process is acceptable for ladies because they’re pillars, towers and givers… I ask you [women] with deep humility, as you continue together with your work, to give attention to peace and unity, love and reconciliation…

I replied to PM Abiy’s statement in my March 14 commentary and informed him straight up, “Ethiopia does not have heroes because she has crybabies and villains.”

I used to be merely talking fact to the whimpering crybabies and villains “who murder as they smile and smile as they homicide and whose tongues outvenom all the worms of Nile”, to borrow from the Bard of Avon.

However I forgot to tell him that Ethiopia does not have heroes because she has too many Hen Littles who run around clucking and spreading pretend news, disinformation, white lies and tall tales.

These are the same Hen Littles who are all gung-ho to rain on his first anniversary.

However the story of Ethiopia’s Hen Littles is nothing new.

Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam reamed the behinds of the “chatterbox” Hen Littles of Ethiopia in his 2015 Amharic  ebook, “Adafne: Worry and Failure”, which I reflectively reviewed in my November 1, 2015 commentary.

In that ebook, the longtime Ethiopian human rights defender defined the peculiar illness that has permeated the mind and souls of Ethiopians particularly and Africans generally. He recognized the illness as “Adafne”, a socio-political virus probably acquired during colonialism or as an after-effect of colonialism.

He argued Adafne has contaminated the continent and made it barren, unable to supply nice women and men of character, wisdom, integrity and advantage. “Adafne” has made the continent a basket of crabs. As one crab tries to climb out of the basket, the remaining pull him down.

“Adafne” is Ethiopians’ sickness of the soul. He wrote,

Adafne has made Ethiopia the land of chatterboxes first by suppressing fact;  second by suppressing schooling and information; third by closing down all means by which fact is propagated; fourth by hiring silver-tongued spinners of lies and fifth by closing all avenues for the publication and dissemination of concepts and information.”

Adafne is what ails the souls and minds of Ethiopia’s Hen Littles and made them empty barrels and chatterboxes.

The story of the Hen Little

A few of my readers is probably not conversant in the fable of Hen Little.

It’s an American/European people tale with a moral lesson a few hen who believes the world is coming to an finish because an acorn dropped on his head from an oak tree. It’s a widespread idiom used to talk about people who develop into hysterical, panic-stricken and neurotic having convinced themselves of an imaginary catastrophe imminent disaster.

The story goes that in the future as Hen Little was walking in the woods, an acorn fell from a tree and hit her little head. She was utterly panic-stricken. “My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I need to run and inform the lion about it.”

Alongside the best way, Hen Little met Henny Penny and informed her the sky is falling. Henny Penny asked Hen Little, ““How have you learnt it?”. Hen Little answered, “It hit me on the top, so I know it have to be so”.

As they both ran to inform the lion, they met Ducky Fortunate. “The sky is falling” stated Henny Penny. “We’re going to the lion to inform him about it.” Ducky Lucky asked, “How have you learnt that?” Henny Penny replied, “It hit Hen Little on the top.”

Ducky Fortunate joined the run until they met Foxey Loxey who asked, “The place are you all going?” Ducky Lucky stated, “The sky is falling and we’re going to tell the lion all about it.”

Foxey Loxey asked, “Have you learnt the place the lion lives?” None of them knew. “I do. Include me and I can show you the best way”, stated Foxey Loxey and walked them right into the lion’s den. They all went in but they never, never come out once more.

Such can also be the story of Ethiopia’s Hen Littles.

When one Hen Little begins clucking about a problem, each different Hen Little within the henhouse will erupt in a crescendo of clucking.

I wrote about it in my August 2018 commentary displaying how the Hen Littles have been duping unsuspecting Ethiopians by spreading news, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

These Hen Littles don’t hassle to collect evidence, assess its relevance, critically consider it and are available to logical conclusions.

They are driven by and are at the mercy of their uncooked emotion.

They substitute anger, alarm, frustration, grief, worry and nervousness for onerous information.

In fact, they are entitled to their own opinions, however not their own information.

One hallmark of Ethiopia’s Hen Littles is that they haven’t any thoughts of their very own. Identical to a flock of perturbed chickens cluck to a crescendo in a henhouse with the slightest gust of wind, Ethiopia’s flock of Hen Littles will work themselves right into a frenzy on the slightest rumor on social and traditional media with deafening results.

The tragic thing is that those that watch the Hen Littles from the sidelines bounce into a frenzy believing the sky is certainly falling.

Little do these bystanders know that these Hen Littles are clucking as a result of they’re scared of their own shadows and spend their days preventing with imaginary monsters and operating away from imaginary disasters.

Facebook, the virtual henhouse of Ethiopia’s Hen Littles

Facebook, YouTube and different on-line media have turn into virtual henhouses for a lot of of Ethiopia’s Hen Littles.

Fb has grow to be the command middle for the faceless infowarrior Hen Littles who spread pretend information and disinformation and mindlessly preach their gospel of hate.

Main the pack of Infowarriors are the TPLF Hen Littles.

The bosses of the Tigrean Individuals’s Liberation Entrance (TPLF; LF stands for Lie Manufacturing unit) have unleashed a mutant army of Hen Littles on Fb hoping they’ll save them from the one thing they dread most: Accountability for their crimes towards humanity and corruption they committed over the previous 27 years.

Over the past yr, the TPLF Hen Littles have executed every part they will to result in instability and strife in Ethiopia.

They’ve fomented  ethnic conflicts throughout the nation.

They’ve been crying wolf about an imaginary genocide that’s going to be dedicated on them to fireside up their base and solidify help.

They bellyache about being singled out for ethnic persecution and what have you.

The item of the TPLF troll military on Fb is to publish inflammatory and hateful garbage and rile up all the different bird-brained Hen Littles into an orgy of clucking recriminations and insults.

The TPLF Stooge Hen Littles are probably the most pitiful of all.

These Hen Littles come into two types: unwitting TPLF dupes and paid agent provocateurs (inciting agents) from other ethnic groups who babble the hateful gospel of the TPLF.

The TPLF typically recruits the dupe Hen Littles from totally different ethnic teams to do their dirty work. Extra typically, they interact in provocative activity by assuming numerous ethnic names and identities to create the misimpression that the hateful views expressed usually are not these of the TPLF.

The empty barrel Hen Littles

The empty barrel Hen Littles like to talk. They run the gossip mills and cluelessly blather and chatter about things. They feed on sensationalism and hype. They remind me of lyrics from an previous James Brown track. They’re “like a uninteresting knife/Just ain’t chopping. They speak loud however say nothing”.

Have been I to invoke the Bard of Avon, I might say theirs is “a tale advised by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The Dinosaur Hen Littles

These are the Hen Littles whose time is gone and will stay in pasture.

However they need to remain relevant in order that they use intrigue and deception to seize the spotlight.

They level fingers at those that try to improve the country and criticize them unaware that three fingers are pointing at them.

Talking heads Hen Littles

The speaking head Hen Littles wish to play pundit.

They’re all the time talking concerning the destructive and how they have predicted dangerous things would occur.

They make mountains out of molehills.

They assume they are savvy political analysts by babbling the identical previous crap day after day.

The problem of herd mentality and groupthink among Ethiopians

Why are the Hen Littles capable of cause a lot alarm and nervousness among the inhabitants?

It’s as a result of herd mentality and groupthink are a standard phenomenon amongst many Ethiopians.

I’m not positive if it is a cultural thing but I see and listen to so many Ethiopians blindly following the flock and reacting to conditions on the idea of emotion as an alternative of logical and rational considering.

I am amazed how so many Ethiopians simply comply with the gang and are afraid to ask probing  questions concerning the gossip and disinformation they’re fed day by day.

Groupthink is the flip aspect of the herd mentality drawback.

Many Ethiopians hold an opinion in a gaggle believing the group is true.

They agree on an opinion without much questioning, important reasoning or scrutiny of the proof.

Hen Littles thrive where there’s an mental deficit of essential considering and within the absence of an mental culture that does not worth onerous evidence and skepticism.

In such an setting, Hen Littles grow to be supreme opinion leaders.

Methods to battle the clucking Hen Littles within the infowars

There is a positive surefire means of preventing and profitable the inforwars towards the Hen Littles of Ethiopia.

There’s one and only one weapon the Hen Littles worry probably the most: TRUTH.

Hen Littles consider that if a lie is informed 100 occasions, it’s going to turn out to be fact.

The reality is, “A lie can journey half means around the globe while the reality is placing on its footwear.”

The only solution to struggle the Infowars of faux news, disinformation and conspiracy theories is by merely exposing lies of the Hen Littles and telling the reality.
Let’s minimize off on the Facebook and social media passes.

Let’s educate our individuals of excellent will and good faith.

Mandela stated, “Schooling is probably the most highly effective weapon which you should use to vary the world.”

We must use social media to teach and to empower the individuals.

The Hen Littles thrive by spreading unfavorable messages and news. Let’s battle them by spreading constructive messages of our personal.

Someone once stated, “In day-after-day, there are 1,440 minutes. Meaning we have now 1,440 day by day alternatives to make a constructive impression.” Once we are on Facebook, Twitter and the remaining for 10 minutes or one hour, let’s make a constructive influence on those who learn us. Let’s not waste so much adverse power feeding the trolls.

The Hen Littles feed on our anger, sorrow, worry and nervousness.

Let’s struggle them by creating emotional intelligence, that is the means to determine and handle our own feelings and the feelings of those around us.

Let us develop heightened awareness that we are constant targets of emotional manipulation. Let’s not be gullible and suckers.

Above all else, let’s by no means wrestle with the Hen Littles.

At the danger of mixing metaphors, George Bernard Shaw stated, “I discovered long ago, by no means to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and apart from, the pig likes it.”

The identical might be stated mudslinging and pissing contests in hen manure.

The Hen Littles who like to hate PM Abiy

There are all types of Hen Littles who love to hate PM Abiy. These embrace Hen Littles who

hate Ethiopiawinet and the unity of the Ethiopian individuals.

are felony and corrupt thugs who are scared to demise they are going to be held accountable for their crimes and corruption.

are hungry and thirsty for energy and need other individuals to do the heavy lifting and dying for them to get into power.

wannabe leaders who can only mislead and lead harmless residents to the graveyard.

anticipated a position and a job in PM Abiy’s administration, however did not.

seek access to control PM Abiy and put him of their pocket however are unable to do so.

have a debilitating inferiority complicated.

feel PM Abiy has ignored them or not given them sufficient attention.

needed PM Abiy to “take action” by ordering mass arrests, mass incarcerations, mass persecutions and massacres.

jealous of the meteoric rise of a younger man out of nowhere and turn out to be the toast    of the town where ever he goes.

are members of the coma era (mind lifeless).

festoon their names with acronyms of higher schooling but have not achieved a rattling thing to assist or get up for his or her individuals.

windbags who spend their time gossiping.

don’t know what time it’s. (It’s time for change.)

intimidated by PM Abiy’s prodigious mind and forensic powers.

losers in life, in their professions and of their political ambitions.

Why I absolutely help PM Abiy

There are those that say that I help PM Abiy blindly.

They are saying I give him special remedy. I by no means criticize him. I only speak concerning the good things he has finished and overlook the dangerous ones. Blah, blah…

I comply with no one however my own conscience, the simply and truthful legal guidelines of the land and the ethical code, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

I have  been blessed to spend the final 13 years of my life preventing for human rights in Ethiopia.

It’s is true I did not struggle with the weapons of struggle.

For 13 years, I was within the trenches day and night time preventing with my pen and keyboard the Prince of Darkness himself and his Military of Darkness.

I take great delight in the truth that for 13 years, with out lacking every week, I have indicted, prosecuted and convicted the legal thugs of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Entrance and their ethnic apartheid system within the courtroom of world public opinion.

I do not consider there’s a single Ethiopian alive who can make that assertion.

Fact be advised, I am the one Ethiopian whose Ethiopian id the TPLF has ever challenged in public.

For the TPLF, there isn’t any such individual as an Ethiopian. There’s an Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Gurage… dwelling in Ethiopia, but never an Ethiopian with out an ethnic tag hooked up to his/her identify.

However I taught the TPLF a lesson they may never forget, EVER! I’m PROUD ETHIOPIAN.

So, why do I help PM Abiy?

I may give a thousand and one causes but I will give solely two.

Hear! Hear!

Abiy Ahmed liberated Ethiopia from ethnic apartheid!

Abiy Ahmed is working day and night time to liberate Ethiopians from the mental slavery of  ethnic apartheid.

That is why I help PM Abiy with out reservations.

I supported PM Abiy earlier than I even knew who he was.

I gave him my full help after I heard his speech in parliament on April 2, 2018. I knew he was the person of the hour for Ethiopia.

On April eight, six days after he turned prime minister, I wrote a 6,800 phrase open letter to PM Abiy explaining why I supported him when nearly everybody was doubting him and calling him the equivalent of a brainwashed TPLF Manchurian candidate.

In that letter, I expressed my full confidence in his goodwill and guarantees to do good by all Ethiopians.

I assured him that if he retains his aspect of the discount I will all the time be in his corner and have his back.

Over the past yr, PM Abiy has not only delivered on his promises. He has exceeded my wildest expectations by leaps and bounds.

I had the wild expectation that after over four many years, during his administration some political prisoners could also be released. He busted open the prison doors and let them ALL out.

I had the wild expectation there could possibly be a slight opening of the political area and  citizens might take pleasure in a couple of particular person liberties. He busted open the political area until he was criticized for opening it an excessive amount of, too quick.

I had the wild expectation there Ethiopians can be accorded a modicum of due process within the judicial course of that had been lowered to a monkey courtroom system. He ended being a die-hard stickler for the rule of regulation.

I had the wild expectation opposition parties shall be allowed some freedom to assemble, manage and have interaction in the democratic course of.

I had the wild expectation there might be some rapprochement within the Horn of Africa. He ended the conflict with Eritrea, busted open the border that had been sealed for decades and made peace. He introduced peace and reconciliation to your complete Horn region.

I had the wild expectation that there might be a free and truthful election. Day by day he provides his personal assure that he will “depart office in 24 hours” if he is defeated within the election in Might 2020.

On a personal degree, I had the wild expectation that He’ll make pleasant overtures to Diaspora Ethiopians as soon as vilified and  persecuted as “extremists” and “terrorists” and forbidden from returning to their homeland. PM Abiy got here to America and gave all Diaspora Ethiopians a present referred to as the Ethiopian Diaspora Belief Fund which they will run with none government involvement or intervention.

In less than a yr, PM Abiy exceeded my wildest expectations by leaps and bounds.

Why the hell should I not give PM Abiy my full and unqualified help!?

If he can deliver on each one among his quite a few guarantees, I positive as hell can deliver on single one in every of mine.

Sure, I again Abiy Ahmed one thousand %!

I help him not because he’s a the right leader. But he has finished so many things no Ethiopian leader has ever accomplished.

But PM Abiy has but to show that he can walk on water!

That is why I will hold a wide open thoughts.

I’ll be glad to criticize PM Abiy if anybody 1) can prove to me by any commonplace of reasonableness (not whining, moaning and groaning) the things PM Abiy has carried out flawed in his first yr in workplace, or 2) determine the identify of one individual out of 110 million Ethiopians whose leadership expertise equal or exceed PM Abiy’s.

This can be a direct challenge to anyone who has the braveness to take it.

The bottom line is my help of PM Abiy is principled as was my help for Meles Zenawi when he got here to speak at Columbia College in September 2010.

I vigorously defended Meles Zenawi’s proper to talk at Columbia College in 2010 and have become a target of Diaspora vilification.

It did not matter to me what the critics needed to say.

As a matter of principle, Meles had the best to speak in America, even if he had muzzled 100 million individuals at house.

As a matter of precept, I have publicly declared on numerous events that I will be the TPLF foremost supporter in the event that they embraced Ethiopiawinet, ended their ethnic apartheid state, stopped the politics of hate and division and ceased abusing energy.

I don’t help or oppose somebody or something to make others comfortable or sad.

As they say, “I calls it as I sees it and let the chips fall the place they could.”

I have spent the final 13 years of my life talking my fact to energy, to the powerless, the facility hungry and power thirsty.

I seek nothing and will accept nothing for the work I do or have accomplished for my motherland. It’s a blessing and a particular honor for me.

I help PM Abiy because he is merely the perfect leader we have now immediately, and positively in my lifetime. It is a nice honor for me to defend him towards the Hen Littles, crybabies and power hungry villains.

He’s a man of extraordinary intelligence, unshakeable integrity, real humility, limitless potentiality and disarming amity.

There’s an previous African saying, “The canine will bark, however the camels will stroll.”

My adaptation of that previous saying is, “The Hen Littles will cluck, however the rooster will keep on ruling the roost.”

In any case, it is just pure that the little chickens cluck and the gracious rooster crows.

On a private notice, I contemplate all the clucking of the Hen Littles in Ethiopia nothing greater than hen bowel motion.

For Abiy Ahmed, the sky is just not falling because for him the sky just isn’t the restrict.

Advert Victoriam!

P.S. The sky has indeed fallen. On the heads of all of the clucking Hen Littles! Pity. They’re confused and do not know what to do next.

I recommend they park their little fragile egos on the door and MEDEMER!