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Happy 123 Adwa Great African Victory Day: Time to Erect the Aste Menelik Statue in Africa Now! – Zehabesha – Latest Ethiopian News Provider

Happy 123 Adwa Great African Victory Day: Time to Erect the Aste Menelik Statue in Africa Now! - Zehabesha - Latest Ethiopian News Provider

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“In The Historical past of Mankind, there has by no means been another black man like Menelik, who had triggered an enduring worry and doubt within the thoughts of Europeans” Augustus Wylde

“Menelik, the Nice, impressed generations but unborn together with his daring defeat of the Italian Military on the battle of Adwa. He tried diplomacy and skilled crafty; he confirmed character and received in return snobbery and lies; and when he noticed the indicators of struggle, he rallied Ethiopian forces to defeat the enemy on African soil. This turned some of the essential classes in African historical past.”

Molefi Kete Asante, writer of The Historical past of Africa

 “In 1896 it was evident that the Europeans, even those that stated they have been the buddies of Ethiopia, would come collectively and betray Menelik after the Treaty of Wuchale. Africans have been inspired by the last word victory of Menelik’s genius and the braveness of his troopers on the battlefield. Let our youth always remember the various heroes of our victories; let our nations increase monuments to them in each metropolis to show classes of resistance, selflessness, and Pan African Unity!” Molefi Kete Asante, writer of The Historical past of Africa

“If in Brazil the newspaper ‘Oh Menelik’ after the Nice Adwa Victory was created, why not we fail to erect a statue in Southern Africa the place Ethiopianism has impressed the liberation creativeness of all Africans with the second Ethiopia Manifesto declared after Adwa Victory in 1896 in Southern Africa.”   Molefi Okay Asante and Mammo Muchie

“If the American president John F Kennedy, the French president Jacques Chirac and Mummar Gaddafi all acknowledge Aste Menelik as the best African chief for ably  main and profitable the Adwa  victory to make Africa free, why are some in present Ethiopia   use ethnic virus  and fail to acknowledge this nice African chief?”  Mammo Muchie

Ethiopia has a singular distinction within the universe for empowering people who have been disempowered, for humanising people who have been dehumanised, spiritualising people who have been denied their proper to worship God and galvanizing and strengthening these oppressed to withstand oppression” —Mammo Muchie


At this time is the 123 Adwa Nice African Victory Day. We’re celebrating the Nice Adwa African Victory in Johannesburg in South Africa on March 2, 2019.  The management of Aste Menelik is recognised and acknowledged globally. For some cause in Ethiopia, there’s nonetheless a notion of Aste Menelik with ethnic curses and lenses. Ethiopians should acknowledge no matter errors Atse Menelik might have made, he’s the best chief Africa ever had. It’s time all Africans who genuinely recognise by means of the management Aste Menelik offered that Africa found the globally recognised marvel of African options to the issues imposed on Africa by colonialism. It’s after the good Victory of Adwa the Second Ethiopia Manifesto was launched globally. Ethiopia earned the identify to be the house for all non-European peoples. It turned the religious homeland of all of the oppressed individuals not just for Africa but in addition for the entire world.

The Journey is Nonetheless Not Over to Finish Colonialism

As we speak, greater than ever, Africans have to look again with a purpose to go ahead.  However what do Africans see once they look again? They typically are overwhelmed by seeing primarily the damaging over 500 years of the de-humanising African expertise. They not often acknowledge, recognize, recognise and promote the quite a few struggles for liberation that passed off from the interval of slavery to the current time in all elements of the Africana world.

It’s pressing that the constructive and constructive heritage of liberation struggles from each a part of Africa need to be excavated, recorded, studied and  resurrected  to be able to re -educate and wean generations of Africans to know that Africans have continued to sacrifice all through the  over 500 years of destruction, thingification, colonisation and   subjection to different types of oppression.

  1. b) The damaging damaging interval have to be taught with a full appreciation of the constructive knowledge of the African liberation and resistance historic heritage in order that the legacy of colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, neo-colonialism and all sorts of oppression not have an effect on Africans from the best way they assume, to the best way they study, work and look. Time to re-visit and keep in mind all of the liberation struggles to grow to be Africans with unity and renaissance expressing full satisfaction, dignity, self-reliance, self-confidence, freedom and independence.
  2. c) The African futures are constructed with the creativeness and information of the liberation wrestle historical past and heritage by studying and overcoming the remaining dangers and risks from the legacy of the damaging interval. The longer term is made by appreciating and studying from the liberation struggles how Africans tried their greatest to return collectively when assaults have been directed at them.
  3. d) The liberation struggles have been in numerous methods influenced by the shared concepts of Ethiopianism, Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance. These concepts weren’t simply created. They’re the outcomes of the heritage and historical past of Africa’s quite a few liberation struggles. Africa’s unity continues to be ready to be made. Ethiopianism, Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance will present the foundational concepts and visions for re-thinking, re-designing and re-engineering the African united futures.


Why The Nice Adwa African Victory is a True Radiator of the Sunshine of Liberation

The Adwa Victory that occurred on March 2, 1896 was of probably the most vital African liberation struggles that occurred through the time of the European Scramble for Africa. The Adwa Victory strengthened Ethiopianism and Ethiopianism strengthened pan-Africanism, and each Ethiopianism and Pan-Africanism strengthened the Africa Renaissance. They’re one in three, and three into one. The profitable resistance of the 1896 Adwa Victory symbolizes the most effective freeway of African liberation. Some other approach just isn’t the African freeway. Africans should worth and cherish their historical past. The Adwa Victory has to stay on till Africa is absolutely free and united. The teachings from Adwa Victory make us all by no means to surrender resisting all styles of injustice Africans are nonetheless not free from. The African spirit of liberation will proceed to shine ever brighter by remembering all of the liberation struggles that the good African Adwa Victory represents.

The victory dented irreversibly the declare that the European colonial venture was invincible. The victory was so decisive it introduced into massive query the venture to Europeanise, identical to America, Canada and Australia, the entire of Africa. Remarkably Africans from South Africa and different elements needed to hitch the battle making the Adwa Victory a particular African battle over World Empire.

.Adwa was a serious anti-colonialist battle fought by all Ethiopians, beneath the skilful management of Emperor Menelik and Empress Taitu. This victory resonated nicely past the Ethiopian and certainly the African border. It represented the conflict between colonialism and liberation on a world-scale.  Emperor Menelik made the decision: “Those that have power, help us together with your power those that are weak, help us together with your prayers”Empress Taitu added: “I’m a lady. I don’t like conflict. However I might moderately die than accepting your deal.”

It’s a matter of historic report that the Adwa victory signalled the start of the top of the Scramble for Africa. This victory constitutes an important chapter within the document of African resistance and liberation. It armed generations of Africans with the arrogance of victory to interact in resistance and liberation. It attracted consideration so far as the Caribbean and the Americas, to not point out South Africa, the place these concerned within the Ethiopianism motion determined to hitch immediately the battle of Adwa in 1896.  In South Africa we celebrated the 120 years of the Nice Adwa Africa Victory with former President and present chancellor of UNISA gave a strong and information wealthy extremely inspiring keynote handle. Once we celebrated the 120 years of the Nice Adwa African victory, we mixed it with the 6thAfrica Unity for Renaissance Convention to open the chance to attach all of the liberation struggles with the present name to fulfil African unity and Renaissance in the present day. We opened with various companions that included the DST, NRF AISA, TMALI, UJ and TUT and others to go from speaking to doing African unity and renaissance in 2010.  In 2016 Each Adwa’s African victory and the African unity for Renaissance has been run with TMALI offering the secretariat. The Patron our brother former President Thabo Mbeki gave probably the most inspiring and so nicely researched the keynote handle combining the 120 years of Africa’s Adwa Victory together with his highly effective imaginative and prescient combining Ethiopianism with Pan-Africanism and the African renaissance.

The Adwa Victory types as a key pillar reinforcing the Pan-African Congresses, and the primary African liberation motion the ANC in Azania. Adwa Victory offered in all probability among the best, if not the easiest of all probably the most vital sensible examples of the African resistance historical past in the course of the Scramble for Africa. Therefore it turns into one of many pivotal helices for Ethiopianism, Pan-Africanism and  the African Renaissance  Adwa Victory in 1896 reinforces the World Union of Ethiopians (Africans), shaped because the African Affiliation in 1897 from outdoors Africa. The pan-African congress was based by Sylvester Williams in 1900 that was in direct contact with Emperor Menelik on the time. Cuban-People, Haitians and African Diaspora from Brazil all have been impressed by the Adwa Victory of 1896. Haiti’s 100 years of independence was celebrated in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. The formation of the African Nationwide Congress (ANC) as the primary African Liberation Motion with spiritualism and Ethiopianism was acknowledged by former president Mandela as follows:

“Elementary tenets of the Ethiopian Motion have been self-worth, self-reliance and freedom. These tenets drew the advocates of Ethiopianism, like a magnet, to the rising political motion. That political motion was to culminate within the formation of the ANC in 1912. It’s on this sense that the ANC, we, hint the seeds of the formation of our group to the Ethiopian Motion of the 1890s” (Nelson Mandela, Speech to the Free Ethiopian Church of South Africa).African -American churchmen who went to South Africa within the 1890s arrived at a time when some African Christians have been establishing church buildings of their very own. This independent-church motion was referred to as “Ethiopianism”

Ethiopianism turned a generic time period to explain an entire vary of the black man’s efforts to enhance his spiritual, instructional and political standing in society. It turned the idea that constituted pan-Africanism from the 18th, 19th to the 20th century till World Conflict I in 1914.The Adwa victory offered sensible expression to Ethiopianism: self-worth, dignity, unity, confidence, self-reliance, race delight, spirituality and freedom from colonialism.

Classes from the Adwa African victory over World Empire are related to strengthen Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance for our time and the longer term. The Africa Union, all the present African states, the whole African Diaspora and even all these nations the world over which were colonised are welcome to take part and contribute and unfold huge schooling and consciousness to succeed in each African baby, lady and man the world over.

Concluding Comment: A Handbook on the Nice Adwa African Victory Is A Should Learn for ALL

We have to produce a handbook on the Nice African Adwa Victory and publish it to launch on the 125th of the Nice African Adwa Victory Day on March 2, 2021.

We advise there ought to be the next areas included within the handbook.


  1. The Significance of the Adwa Victory for Expediting African Unity At this time
  2. The Classes of the Adwa Africa Victory towards the Scramble for Africa
  3. The Relationship of Adwa Victory with Ethiopianism,Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance
  4. Adwa’s African Victory with ANC, and the Pan-African Congresses
  5. The Relevance of the teachings from the good Adwa Victory to Diffuse Pan-African schooling
  6. The Relationship of Liberation Struggles inside and out of doors Africa
  7. The Contribution of the African Diaspora   to the Adwa African victory
  8. Adwa Victory make Africa a victor not a sufferer
  9. Adwa Victory the Greatest Instance for offering African options to African issues Evaluating critically political and financial de-coloinsation
  10. Utilizing Adwa Nice African Victory as a Mannequin for Anchoring Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance to shut the colonial chapter lastly.

Wishing you all to spend the pleased Adwa Nice African day memorably and educationally to make Africans personal wealthy Africa and make each African to reside   by having fun with additive and multiplicative succesful life free from the subtraction of life with poverty, inequality and ballooning unemployment.

Prof. Mammo Muchie, DPhil

DST/NRF SARChI Analysis Professor on Science, Know-how, Innovation and Improvement :Tshwane College of Know-how , Adjunct Professor in BDU & Harmaya, Ethiopia , and Riara College in Kenya, and Affiliate School Professor, Sussex College, U.Okay.

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