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Finding True Love at the Age of 55!

Finding True Love at the Age of 55!

For a lot of, finding love might be elusive! Every month we obtain loads of queries from readers of all ages looking for recommendation on how one can discover a boyfriend, easy methods to get a proposal and easy methods to mend a broken relationship! So this month I assumed to share a stunning story a few lady I knew a few years in the past, a woman who was convinced she was doomed to stay her life as a spinster, until she activated the love corners of her residence!

It was 16 years in the past whereas I was dwelling in Michigan that I met an American woman named Lorraine* who had just been employed as a contractor to work with me on our IT tasks.

Lorraine was in her fifties when she joined the company. We struck up an on the spot friendship. She was fun and vivacious – a mature woman who had stored herself very properly for her age. Lorraine was recreation for something and we turned workplace buddies – spending many lunches together sharing our thoughts on every thing from office politics to buying to men!

Over our many lunch chats, Lorraine confided that she was once married but had been dwelling the lifetime of a single divorcee for more than 20 years. One afternoon, Lorraine popped by my cubicle and Lillian Too’s feng shui e-book on my desk caught her eye, igniting a dialog about feng shui. Our chat led to discussing our love lives. Very casually, I informed her how Patrick and I had met and related very quickly after I energized my Southwest corner!

On the finish of our little stop-by chat, Lorraine turned to me and stated very critically, “I feel there’s something improper with my house. I can’t appear to stay in a secure relationship ever since shifting into this place, and I’m wondering if it has something to do with this feng shui thing you’re speaking about!”

Finally she stated to me, “Tell me, can this Chinese art of feng shui thing actually assist me discover somebody? Can it convey a very good man into my life and make our relationship final?”

I assured her that this was one of the easier things to realize using feng shui. Her eyes sparkled and she or he stated, “If yes, sign me up! I’ll attempt anything!”

Her eyes lit up and she or he didn’t waste any time!

That weekend, Lorraine invited me to stay with her at her house to check out her feng shui. The minute I took instructions and checked out her floorplan, I might see what the issue was. Every part in her house was towards her so far as relationships went. Listed here are a few of the obtrusive feng shui afflictions that brought about Lorraine to stay single for therefore lengthy, why despite her making an attempt, all her love relationships merely couldn’t let her join!


The sector that governs all relationships in any house is the Southwest sector. The Southwest can also be the situation of the Matriarch, and when it is troubled or locked up, the luck of the lady of the house starts to say no – especially in her relationships and within the state of her health.

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Right here in Lorraine’s condo, her Southwest was critically stricken. Not only did she have a kitchen right here, she also had a retailer room occupying a big part of her SW nook. Inside her retailer room, Lorraine stored many aged and worn-out cardboard packing containers and digital junk; it was no marvel Lorraine had such a horrible time finding the proper of romance!

Once I asked her about her health, Lorraine advised me that she had a small progress in one in every of her ovaries a number of years in the past inflicting her to have an operation to take away them!

KEY POINT: Aside from conjugal happiness, the Southwest can also be the situation that represents the stomach area or the womb. For good reproductive well being, marital happiness and relationship luck, the Southwest ought to all the time be stored clean and vibrant, well-energized with plenty of Hearth and Earth power. Right here, Lorraine’s relationship luck was trapped in a storeroom full of rotting bins and things from her past. It was undoubtedly needed to wash out the store room. Throwing out all the previous stuff and better yet, demolishing the Southwest storeroom here would certainly deliver constructive modifications and in addition make means for brand spanking new relationships to return into her life!


Lorraine also advised me the kind of man she appeared to be attracting.

“They’re merely NOT my sort in any respect! Either they’re unemployed, dwelling with their moms, or working in positions far under me!” she stated. A number of years in the past, Lorraine got here near getting engaged to a person named Peter (a good Mortgage Loans Supervisor) whom Lorraine met at a dance celebration. After a yr of courting, Peter moved in together with her and that was when issues started going downhill.
A month after Peter moved in, he was handed over for a promotion. He began lacking his mortgage targets and ultimately, the bank had him transferred to a smaller department. This brought on plenty of angst between the couple, and ultimately, Peter moved out and left Lorraine. That ended the affair as a result of Peter was satisfied the relationship had affected his luck and he was in all probability proper!

KEY POINT: Once I checked her flooring plan, I noticed the problem. For those who take a look at her plan, you will notice that Loraine had a walk-in closet within the Northwest and this locked up the luck of the Patriarch! Houses where the Patriarch’s nook is either stricken or lacking can’t deliver luck to the person of the home. Lorraine’s house was undoubtedly working towards her and any man who may be in her life. A locked-up NORTHWEST makes it troublesome for any lady to find a suitable man and maintain him. Even for many who are married, when the NW is locked up inside a storeroom, it brings dangerous luck to the man of the household!


As if the NW and SW afflictions were not enough to utterly destroy her love luck, I found additionally that Lorraine’s Personal Love Nook was also underneath feng shui attack.

In accordance with the East/West concept of feng shui, every individual has four good places that govern Success (Sheng Chi), Well being (Tien Yi), Love (Nien Yen) and Progress (Fu Wei). In Lorraine’s case, her Kua number was eight, so her private Love corner was within the WEST. Unfortunately for her, Lorraine’s WEST corner was occupied by her toilet and toilet!

KEY POINT: The Nien Yen nook represents an individual’s personal romance luck corner. If a toilet, rest room or storeroom is situated here, it causes one to lose out in relationships. It also brings difficulties with conception and family life. Anytime she feels she has met someone particular, something will happen to flush her newfound love down the bathroom! Easy and sad, but oh so true!


I explained every little thing to her and this prompted Lorraine’s jaw to drop! She was so surprised she merely couldn’t consider how the loos and storerooms of her house might have affected her love luck to such an extent! However, Lorraine determined to do one thing about her feng shui afflictions. She conceded that her previous condominium unit was due for a renovation anyway, so she determined to belief me and implement all my strategies:

  • Firstly, I asked her to “release” her Southwest storeroom. I suggested Lorraine to take away the door and walls, and eliminate half her junk. For some cause, she had stored kitchen appliances from as way back as the 80s – cake mixers and charcoal toasters! It took some convincing, however Lorraine finally gave in and threw them all out! After getting rid of the large items of junk, she installed waist-level cabinets to retailer knick-knacks neatly out of sight. Then she energized the nook together with her pretty assortment of crystals. Crystals signify Earth power and it’s ideally suited for love! She additionally put in a shiny mild (which I advised her to keep turned on day and night time) and a hung a stunning piece of art on the wall that showed a couple embracing lovingly.
  • Secondly, I requested her to do the identical for the trapped Northwest nook. Lorraine embraced the thought with enthusiasm as she had long needed to demolish the walk-in closet and rework it right into a research nook. So Lorraine removed the walls, removed the previous closet hangings and created a bit of research nook where she might use her laptop computer pc in the course of the nights. I suggested her to create a window in that area in order that Chi might enter the NW nook, grasp a picture of a man dressed up in a go well with (her sort of dream man) and hold a set of windchimes there as nicely. The windchimes signify Metallic power, so good for energizing the Northwest.
  • Lastly, I asked Lorraine to take a seat dealing with WEST while eating and watching TV. This was important in order that she may benefit from her personal Nien Yen love path, particularly since her Nien Yen was being harmed by the toilet there. There was nothing she might do concerning the toilet in the West, so I suggested her to activate the West corner of her bedroom and front room with a pair of mandarin ducks.


Lorraine took about three months to complete the modifications, however the results have been value it! Even earlier than her renovations have been completed, she began to notice modifications in her love life.

Out of the blue, she started receiving invites from male associates and ex-colleagues who needed to take her out for dinner and drinks! But the most effective thing that happened was Lorraine started courting Hamish – one of the senior managers who labored at our firm!

Hamish was really her dream man – he was a senior government who held a secure, high-powered job, he was tall and good-looking, additionally a divorcee – and he wore a go well with – exactly like the Hugo Boss model she had hung in her NW research nook! Inside a yr, Lorraine finished her contract with us and the 2 moved in together. I’ve misplaced touch with Lorraine now, however many years later after I left the US, I related with all my ex-colleagues via Fb they usually tell me that Lorraine and Hamish acquired married and the two had moved to Florida to begin a new life together! Really a very glad ending for them!

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