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Fantasia Talks New Album ”Sketchbook”, Upcoming Tour, Feeling Free As An Independent Artist (Exclusive)

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Fantasia is lastly back together with her new album “Sketcbook” which is due out October 11th. The supreme vocalist lately departed from RCA/J Data after calling that major label house for 15 years. She’s now an unbiased artist with so much to prove as she lastly has the artistic license that she’s been longing for. Along with the brand new music, she additionally has R&B followers enthusiastic about her upcoming tour as she might be co-headlining it with R&B favorites Robin Thicke and Tank in addition to rising R&B star Bonfyre. YouKnowIGotSoul had a chance to speak to Fantasia about her upcoming album, her tour, a number of the challenges she confronted when she was signed to a label as well as her early beginnings together with her cousins Okay-Ci & JoJo.

YouKnowIGotSoul: Speak about how your cousins Okay-Ci & JoJo’s success influence you growing up.

Fantasia: To me it began earlier than the Okay-Ci & JoJo period. They began in Gospel they usually had a gaggle referred to as Little Cedric And The Hailey Singers. That was with Okay-Ci, JoJo, my father, my Uncle Randall and a pair more cats from North Carolina. I was launched to their Gospel music before their R&B because my mother would let me take heed to certain issues. Once I was little, social media wasn’t a thing and we couldn’t YouTube so we had cassette tapes. They might present us how Okay-Ci would go out, carry out and sing. I was like “I need to be identical to him once I grow up”. I simply advised him that the opposite day as a result of he was at the house the opposite day and we received collectively. We cooked, talked and shared music and he’s about to return out together with his album and the music is superb. His story is superb, but I checked out him and stated “I keep in mind I used to be a bit of child and everyone was outdoors and surrounded you”. I advised him “I need to go together with you and sing” and he was like “You don’t need to do that!”. Before he was on the brink of depart the home the opposite day, I used to be in the room engaged on tour stuff and I was a bit overwhelmed and I used to be like “I know exactly what you mean now”. This music business is just not straightforward and at occasions it’s not enjoyable, however in the event you never lose your ardour for what you do, that’s the place the fun will come. We have been just kicking it and chopping it up about that, however I discovered most from him from that Gospel aspect and every time I used to be launched to Jodeci, I used to be blown away even more as a result of he’s a true entertainer.

YouKnowIGotSoul: You’re about to go on tour with Robin Thicke, Tank and The Bonfyre. I feel what’s cool about this tour is you guys all have new music out, so it’s not necessarily a nostalgia tour. What makes you excited about this tour?

Fantasia: I really like the range! I’ve all the time been a Robin Thicke fan. In fact I’ve been capable of perform with Tank, but by no means Robin and of course assembly Bonfyre! The range, the totally different sounds, the eagerness for music and what everyone brings to the desk? I really like that! That’s what makes me probably the most excited. You’ve received totally different genres, sounds, black and white. We are coming collectively as brothers and sisters. Robin has a lot soul! I’ve been a fan of Robin since his first album and I was telling him that once we met. He occurs to be an enormous Jodeci fan, so we have been all simply talking. I used to be telling him once I went on the Kanye West tour after I had gained American Idol, all we performed was Robin Thicke’s album on the tour bus. That was the album when he had long hair and he was driving his bike by means of the town. That was the album for me and I respect the vocal and present. Then hearing Bonfyre and Tank? It’s a motion, it’s a story and it’s virtually like a Broadway present. You by no means know what voice or character you’re going to get, however you’re going to get a present and that’s what this is.

YouKnowIGotSoul: You made an enormous career transition as you’ve departed from RCA and now you’re an unbiased artist. You’ve been with RCA/J Data in your entire profession, so have been there any fears when you made the decision to part methods with them?

Fantasia: No worry at all babe, I promise you. There’s none in any respect. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I know it’s quite a bit typically. I’ve had to sit again and take a look at all the things I’ve been by means of and assume “How can I do that better?”. It taught me so much and I’m free now to be able to do what I’ve all the time needed to do. Once I gained Idol, I was 19 years previous and I had a number of the greatest behind me. I had Clive Davis who is among the greatest. I’ve to be trustworthy, I used to be sitting in a theater room with my husband not too long ago and we have been about to observe the film about Clive and I used to be like “Man, I don’t know if I can watch it proper now”. I felt like our relationship had gotten tampered because I used to be so younger, I didn’t know anything. I had lots of people talking for me and operating my profession that I really feel like I virtually lost a father determine and anyone I appeared up to so much and I still do. I consider that relationship will come again. I gained Idol at 19 and I had Clive at first. He drifted away after which I ended up here and there. It’s a must to assume, I’m from North Carolina so I didn’t know who I was alleged to be with. I didn’t know what was proper or improper. I was just saying yes to everybody who stated they liked me and I lost quite a bit by doing that. Now I’m a lady that could be very sensible and really in management and will not permit certain things to occur that happened at first. If anybody would have informed me “You have to watch out”, I in all probability would have carried out it. However now I’m at a spot where I know what I would like musically and I know what my followers want musically. I’ve been hitting that stage for years, so we’re bringing them melodies, sounds and lyrics that they’re going to vibe to as a result of individuals see the growth in Fantasia. They see the place I’m at right now they usually see the willpower in my eyes and the truth that there’s a sound that was given to me since I was a bit of woman and that’s popping out. Now there’s nobody standing over me saying “You possibly can’t do this or that”, it’s just me.

YouKnowIGotSoul: We have been initially concerned once you determined to go unbiased as a result of lots of R&B artists have struggled after leaving the main label state of affairs, however once we heard “Enough” we felt so much higher.

Fantasia: I don’t actually take a look at myself as just an R&B artist and that’s why we came out with Rock Soul, that’s my label. Once I was on American Idol, we didn’t simply do R&B and when individuals grew to like me, it wasn’t just for R&B music. We did songs like “Summertime” and I coated Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Stevie Marvel and Whitney Houston. I felt like that was the problem right there, it was like after I gained Idol, they tried stamp me in a spot and my present couldn’t be just that. Even after profitable Idol, going out to do Broadway and going to perform with the Kennedy Middle with the National Symphony Orchestra doing nothing but Jazz, those are numerous things that the world didn’t get to see me do. They didn’t get to see the present be broader than what it was as a result of all they heard was “Free Yourself” and “Fact Is”. They never obtained to hear all the things my heart musically was hungry for because that’s what I grew up doing. That’s what Rock Soul is, so thank God for that because I’m not simply R&B. That’s what saves us because if you hear “Enough”, it doesn’t sound something like “PTSD”, “Holy Ghost”, “Wanting For You” or “Take Off”. It’s an album that is Rock Soul. What I mean by that is it’s a genre with just a little little bit of the whole lot. I’ve received a Jazz joint as a result of I’m not simply an R&B artist.

YouKnowIGotSoul: In another interview, you referred to as your final album “The Definition Of…” trash which stunned a whole lot of fans. Can you broaden on that?

Fantasia: It wasn’t an album I used to be an excessive amount of invested in. I felt it was an album that was rushed and it was my final album with RCA. “Once I Met You” was like the most important and “No Time For It” was a cute report too because I was in a spot where I had no time for drama. As far as an album and as far as sitting down and writing and wanting the music to go a certain method, we didn’t have that chance. I had to enter the studio and create a rushed album of what they needed. I did it as a result of I’ve all the time been a staff player and I’ve by no means been that sort of individual to say “I’m not going to do that”. I feel that’s why RCA was prepared to let me stroll. There’s no dangerous blood and there’s nothing adverse as a result of I never gave them any issues. However this new “Sketchbook” album is strictly me. Javon Hill and the remainder of the boys went into the studio with me and we have been like “Let’s begin from scratch and create!”. That’s what we did.

YouKnowIGotSoul: How are you going to measure the success of this venture as an unbiased artist?

Fantasia: I don’t wake up each morning or go to bed at night time making an attempt to determine how massive I may be. I’m making an attempt to figure out how many individuals I can bless via my music. I’m a mother now, so I take a look at things in another way. I’m huge on my mediation, prayer time and just waking up and enjoying that we woke up to see one other day. The world is altering and that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t get caught up in “What number of albums am I going to sell?”. I’ll simply say this album is going to only be what it’s alleged to do. My life and journey will exhibit what peace, pleasure and happiness appear to be because I’ve been by way of means an excessive amount of. So at this point in my life, I feel it’s going to do great. I’m on the telephone with you and that’s a blessing because we’re unbiased. We’re promoting, happening tour and dropping a brand new album on October 11th. I feel we’re doing fairly darn good and I’m simply going to go away it at that!

YouKnowIGotSoul: Plenty of followers are asking for those who’re going to be dropping a reside DVD.

Fantasia: *Laughs* That’s cute. I’m going to drop some movies quickly for this album that I feel are very artistic. I put numerous blood, sweat and tears into these movies. It was a variety of hurting ft! *Laughs* I challenged myself to do some things I’ve by no means accomplished in these movies and I’ve received to do a stay DVD and album. Who knows? Perhaps that’ll come next, however I have to!