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Eight Directions Feng Shui: Activating The Pa Kua And Its Trigrams To Attract Good Fortune

Eight Directions Feng Shui: Activating The Pa Kua And Its Trigrams To Attract Good Fortune

LILLIAN TOO revisits the PA KUA, the principal symbol of feng shui, and explains how its eight sides signify eight sorts of luck. The compass is important to applying this technique and those eager to activate all eight sides of their houses must study to make use of the compass to determine directional places of their houses.

Here Lillian Too exhibits you how one can actualize the manifestations of the eight totally different dimensions of luck. Working towards this technique requires an excellent understanding of the bottom trigrams placed across the Pa Kua.

It is truly the trigrams – three rows of damaged and unbroken strains – that give which means to the eight sided Pa Kua, this virtually common symbol of feng shui. Not many individuals understand just how potent this symbol is; neither is it sufficiently acknowledged that it is the trigrams, the essence of the I Ching, that give efficiency and energy to the Pa Kua.

The Trigrams in themselves are innocent wanting three-lined symbols but actually when organized in sure formations, they will unlock totally different kinds of energies that trigger good luck or misfortune luck to be launched.

The trigrams reveal an amazing and overwhelming amount of data and much of their meanings are shrouded in mysterious, symbolic manifestations. College students of the I Ching have the best respect for the Trigrams as these symbols type the underpinnings of the hexagrams that make up the I Ching. In feng shui apply, the Trigrams are as necessary and ought to be seen because the origin of many feng shui methods.

For functions of training feng shui, we should always concentrate on the Yang Pa Kua and the Yin Pa Kua, with the association of the trigrams across the eight sides of the Pa Kua being the differentiating factor. The Yang Pa Kua is described as having the later heaven association of trigrams across the eight sides, whereas the Yin Pa Kua has the early association of trigrams. These two Pa Kuas are shown under. Research them rigorously and see how the two diagrams show the totally different placements of the eight trigrams in each of the Pa Kua symbols e.g. see that the trigram chien (three unbroken strains) are positioned in the South within the Yin Pa Kua and positioned Northwest in the Yang Pa Kua.

In superior feng shui formulas that handle the positioning and siting of graveyard burial grounds for ancestors, both the Pa Kuas are used to derive probably the most optimum positioning of ancestors graves, but for Yang Dwellings i.e. for houses occupied by the dwelling, solely the Yang Pa Kua is used. Therefore it is the Yang association of trigrams that is of curiosity to us once we apply Eight Instructions Feng Shui. It’s however useful to also concentrate on the existence of the Yin Pa Kua and to know that Pa Kuas derive their efficiency from the trigrams. It is the Yin Pa Kua for example that is effective in making a defensive defend towards physical buildings in the surroundings that ship secret poison arrows that deliver misfortune.


I’m not in favour of utilizing the Pa Kua mirror remedy as a symbolic remedy because it’s too powerful; it harms those who use it as a lot as it hurts the affliction that it reflects. Thus some of you’ll have seen books on feng shui that have the Pa Kua on the duvet. Such books in fact break the first rule of feng shui which isn’t to put the Pa Kua immediately dealing with anybody as it theoretically “pushes them away” – particularly the Yin Pa Kua. For sure, such feng shui books are often not very profitable.

The Pa Kua mirror also needs to likewise not be placed above doors to subdue straight roads or triangular rooflines instantly hitting at your door. It is a lot better to make use of other cures and cures.

Some years in the past I suggested a feng shui Grasp who had set up his middle of excellence in partnership with a gifted younger scholar of his; I suggested them not to use the pa kua as the brand of their new company. Unfortunately they did not take my advice so I used to be not stunned when the partnership dissolved with many recriminations after solely three years they usually each went their separate methods.

In the same means, it’s really silly to put on the Yin Pa Kua symbol as a pendant as that is the surest approach of pushing individuals away from you. I keep in mind years ago I informed a young woman in London about this because I noticed her wear a silver pendant of the yin Pa Kua, one thing she had picked up in the flea market at Covent Garden. She had requested me why she might by no means achieve attracting guys despite using all of the love symbols to activate her relationship nook. I advised her that her silver Pa Kua pendant was the wrongdoer. Appalled, she threw it away after I advised her that “just a little information is a dangerous factor”. She met someone every week after that and right now she is fortunately married with two lovely youngsters.


While it isn’t advisable to show the Pa Kua symbol with its eight trigrams high up with a mirror, using the Pa Kua shape is completely high quality. The necessary thing is not to let the Pa Kua immediately face anybody as this causes misfortune and accidents to befall those instantly “hit” by the Pa Kua. So do not cling a Pa Kua symbol above your major door; but it’s high-quality to have a Pa Kua formed dining desk, although a spherical eating desk is an entire load extra auspicious.

It’s wonderful to review each of the trigrams across the Later Heaven Pa Kua with a view to getting clues to the meanings of every of the eight sides of this image. In doing this, the reference point is all the time the compass. Each of the edges is all the time referred to when it comes to a compass course. We acknowledge eight instructions, every one comparable to one of many eight sides of the Pa Kua with each course making up 45 degrees of the compass

Each course location of the Pa Kua is influenced by the trigram positioned there, by the number that belongs to the path based on the Lo Shu magic square and an element.

Anyone wishing to review or understand the fundamentals of feng shui follow ought to keep in mind these three necessary “attributes” of the Pa Kua’s eight sides. It’s because these attributes unlock most of the secrets of this dwelling talent. In historic occasions, previous type feng shui masters had totally different names for the instructions of the compass; they usually additionally had totally different names for every of the trigrams. Historic classics on the subject not often if ever refer to every of the directions immediately. These would all the time be referred to by their coded names because of which literal translations of historic classics have been confusing and never simply understood.

Modern feng shui nevertheless has been considerably simplified and it’s because trendy practitioners reminiscent of myself choose to extract the essence of what is essential and get rid of the previous fashion rhetoric related to method feng shui. I additionally favor to discuss with the directions immediately moderately than by their “classical names”. This makes for a lot less confusion.


The eight sides of the Pa Kua each symbolize one essential sort of luck. The Chinese language consider that if anyone has ample reserves of each of these eight varieties of luck aspirations, his/her life is considered to be full and overflowing from a cloth viewpoint. Thus it is really useful to completely perceive every of the attributes of the eight instructions thereby using them to rearrange the format and placement of furniture and ornamental gadgets in each of the eight corners.

This similar logic also applies to the eight corners of every necessary room. You will have to spend money on a superb compass in case you have not already acquired one, and it is best to attempt to be as correct as you’ll be able to when figuring out the eight path places of your house and of every room individually.


This a part of the house or of any essential room the place you spend a considerable amount of time is the Career corner of your home. The North brings you the luck of excellent recurrent revenue and it may be made auspicious with the presence of water. So putting an aquarium or a specially designed water function on this part of the home could be very useful when it comes to making certain the safety of the household. If in case you have a rest room right here, it is very important be sure that the water function is placed just outdoors the bathroom and never inside. The Trigram here is Kan which many see as the hazard trigram and fairly rightly in fact, as this nook governs one’s livelihood. If the north of the home is bothered, i.e. harm in any method by any type of feng shui affliction, it’s positive to be a source of grave hazard for the household. So this corner should ideally not be lacking, cluttered or be hit by a poison arrow.


This is the Recognition nook of any house. Its trigram here is Li which stands for the brightness of fireside. So the component here is hearth, and the extra brightly lit the South corner of your home is, the better will probably be your good identify. Residents of the family will grow to be highly revered and seemed as much as and people wanting fame and fortune may also succeed. Recognition additionally brings promotion luck. In case you are in a high profile job or you’re in line for upward mobility within your organization then you have to be sure that the South of your home isn’t harmed in any approach by a physical structure, or by the presence of a store room or rest room. This nook also needs to not be lacking.

To energize the South it’s a good suggestion to have a brilliant mild right here and one of the best sort will probably be a chandelier that has many brilliant lights and faceted crystals that multiply the effect of the light. One thing purple right here can also be very useful. In case you are in a career which requires reputation, then the South nook becomes actually essential for you.


That is the nook of the house which stands for the general Well being of the household and in some ways also reflects the overall nicely being and harmony that prevails inside the family. As such it is a essential nook of the home. The East can also be the path that corresponds to the eldest son and inheritor of the family, so it has nice significance in the general scheme of things. When it’s lacking, it’ll significantly harm the family’s male heir and in some instances it might also create obstacles to the success of the eldest son. Thus this a part of the house impacts the luck of your eldest boy. In some instances, the shortage of a male inheritor could be the result of a missing East corner. When the East corner is harmed by physical buildings in the setting such because the presence of a lifeless tree or a big building, the well being of the household will get harm.

To strengthen the health and bodily wellbeing of the family, this corner ought to be adorned with plenty of wholesome crops and timber. The component of the East is wood and the trigram right here is Chen, so the presence of wooden or water power here is most useful.

The dominant shade here should mirror the wooden component. The East can also be the place of the Dragon, so putting the picture of Dragons here will energize this part of the home.


This corner of the house signifies the luck of descendants. It also symbolizes the wellbeing of the family’s youngsters and is chargeable for the levels of creativity achieved by residents. The West is the corner that determines how blessed the household might be when it comes to having youngsters. The Chinese language in fact consider that when one has no descendants, one’s life is incomplete, so from this viewpoint, the West corner should not be missing in any respect. The trigram right here is Tui which additionally stands for the lake and the young woman. So if there’s a lake visible from your West nook, there must be a window opening to the view of water. The West can also be the place of the white Tiger so this part of the home is naturally properly protected. To activate the luck of descendents, it is useful to put a pair of autumn chook in this part of the house.


This part of the home is usually described as in all probability crucial corner of the house simply because the SW represents the matriarch of the family. The trigram of the SW is Kun, an important trigram that signifies the nurturing power of the mother. If this nook is lacking, it means the mom will both be out of the home a fantastic deal or might even be lost to the family. Younger men in the house will discover it exhausting to seek out themselves appropriate wives, and youngsters will endure from the absence of the mother. If the SW is bothered in any approach, it is going to harm the mom.

This part of the home represents the luck of love, marriage or romance. When this corner is harmed in any method, the love lives of residents endure. To ensure a very good relationship together with your associate subsequently it is very important nurture the SW nook. Be certain that its aspect of earth is suitably energized with the presence of fireside power corresponding to lights as hearth produces earth. The SW of any house have to be properly lit and if attainable there also needs to be a window right here so that the benevolent cosmic chi of the Universe can stream unimpeded into this a part of the house. Those eager to strengthen their romance luck should place all the symbols of love in this a part of the house.


This part of the home is as very important because the SW to the overall wellbeing of the household and it’s because the NW nook represents the luck of the daddy, the male breadwinner, the patriarch! The NW nook should by no means be missing as its absence signifies the loss of the daddy figure in that family. Another consequence is that the husband will work overseas for extended durations of time or be despatched abroad for some purpose or other. Ladies eager to find a appropriate companion might additionally discover it onerous to take action if the NW nook is lacking. In the meantime, if a retailer room is situated in the NW it should significantly curtail the development luck of the patriarch and will there be a rest room right here, it will likewise cause stagnating luck for the person of the home. Briefly, do pay cautious attention to the NW of your home.

In the meantime, additionally notice that it is extremely useful to activate the NW as this not solely brings luck to the patriarch, it additionally attracts influential mentors whose patronage and affect will deliver useful luck to residents. You can do this just by incorporating three strong strains into the décor of this a part of the home. This can mirror the trigram that guidelines this a part of the home which is chien. Another approach to activate the NW is by putting the image of an Emperor here.


This a part of the house is represented by the very auspicious trigram Sun, which not only signifies that it stands for the eldest daughter of the house, nevertheless it additionally signifies the wind that brings excellent news hidden inside which is the continual appreciation of asset wealth luck. This sector of the house thus symbolizes the expansion in wealth of the household and when this sector is lacking it signifies that residents simply never get any type of good news.

The SE corner of the house requires robust wooden power to ensure there’s progress constantly of the constructive sort. Power here radiates upwards and outwards so putting water here which feeds the wooden chi is useful.


Lastly, the NE corner of the home or in reality of any necessary room inside the residence stands for the information sector. Here the trigram is Ken which suggests the mountain, within which is a silent, BIG storehouse of data and extra essential, of the secrets and techniques of the Earth. Here the mountain signifies a time of preparation when the voice is silent and the actions are stilled and solely the thoughts is lively expanding its retailer of data. Thus this nook stands for the rise and improvement of wisdom. This trigram here implies that the power emanating from this nook of the house is what brings the luck of private progress. For the young individuals of the home who’re nonetheless at college or in numerous levels of their childhood improvement, this corner shouldn’t be missing. As an alternative, the NE ought to be clearly seen and successfully energized to ensure wonderful schooling and examination luck. What is required here is earth power which is produced by hearth, so protecting the NE properly lit is most useful.

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