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Can Ethiopians stop the political elites playing victimhood and peace-and stability simultaneously as a-means to their relevance?

Can Ethiopians stop the political elites playing victimhood and peace-and stability simultaneously as a-means to their relevance?

Teshome Debalke

June 5, 2019

When the Founder of the Progressive Individuals’s Social gathering (PPP) of Ghana Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom requested Ghanaians to wage warfare on “the twin evils of corruption and tribalism” he was referring to the political elites that made tribal victimhood and nepotism and  corruption as a way to self-preservation on the expenses of the individuals’s democratic rights. 

Unfortunately, the phenomena is rampant in lots of authoritarian ruled nations with a point of variation notably in nations like Ethiopia the place tribalism is an official political, social and economic regime.

Subsequently, contrary to the definition of madness i.e. ‘doing the identical thing over-and-over again and anticipating totally different end result’, as far as modern tribal political elites are involved; ‘the dual evils of corruption and tribalism’ are rational course to take with tangible political, social and economic advantages.

Thus, in contrast to the rule of regulation and consultant democracy the individuals’s liberties rely upon, looking for more victims and concurrently crying for peace and stability is where triable political class is dependent upon for self-preservation.

Within the wake of the 28th anniversary of the success of tribalism instigated by TPLF, EPLF, OLF and ONLF as-a-means-to the top that put the individuals in quagmire – segregations, divisions, displacements, conflicts, poverty… whereas crying for peace-and-stability simultaneously turned a permanent fixture in the political discourse to stay related.

Notably, the ruling TPLF ethnic elites led victimhood that brought the one Apartheid governance on the earth to Ethiopia produced one of many largest refugees and internally displaced individuals on the planet to the good thing about nonother than the ruling tribal elites and, illustrates; doing the identical factor over-and-over once more shouldn’t be madness but a rational determination for self -preservation with tangible benefits to the ruling Tigran elites.

Likewise, the ruling EPLF elites’ victimhood as-a-means-to an end not only created the new nation of Eritrea by a whopping 99.9% reported referendum votes however brought a one-party authoritarian rule that produced more refugees than any single nation on the planet with tangible profit for the ruling elites’ and, illustrates; doing the identical thing over-and-over once more shouldn’t be madness but a rational choice for self -preservation with tangible advantages to the ruling Eritrean elites.

These are the tip of the icebergs of the untold political, social and financial chaos tribal victimhood as a-means-to- an-end brought on the individuals of many countries to the good thing about the ruling elites.

Subsequently, whether or not the newly created ethnic apartheid dictatorship of Ethiopia and the newly created authoritarian nation of Eritrea or any nation/individuals, the ruling elites’ victimhood as a-means-to-the-end didn’t convey concerning the rule of regulation and representative democracy for the good thing about the peoples as seen for necked eyes.

The distinguished Professor Calestous Juma at Harvard Faculty of Government on his November 2012 viewpoint titled ‘How tribalism stunt African democracy’ reinforces that reality. He wrote;

“The challenge for democracy just isn’t the prevalence of ethnic variety, but using id politics to promote slender tribal curiosity. It’s tribalism.”

He went on;

“… But tribal leaders are clever and calculating.

They’re fast to decorate in the newest style and co-opt rising development to preserve their identities.

They buy influence and create handy alliance, purchasing worldwide help in power centers reminiscent of London, Paris and Washington DC.

There sole mission is self-preservation, with aspect impact of subverting democratic evolution.”

Nothing seems to deter modern African tribal political elites to play victimhood and cry peace and stability simultaneously as-a-means to the top as they seek for extra victims to remain related.

Such mind-set typically referred by psychologist as cognitive dissonance — a psychological stress or discomfort by an individual who holds two or extra contradictory beliefs and values and what Orwell refers as doublethink – ‘the facility of holding two contradictory beliefs and accepting both of them concurrently’ — a standard phenomenon among modern political elites basically.

Take the current Al Jazeera Inside Story “Who ought to pay for the world’s peacekeepers?” that introduced two tribal elites and, a third individual posed as journalist of UN Dispatch as ‘specialists’ on UN peacekeeping mission without reviling their nationality, background and nor their position in corruption and tribalism that necessitated UN Peacekeeping pressure in the first place.

The primary individual was the notorious Tigre tribal elite and operative of the Ethiopian ruling member celebration of Tigray Individuals Liberation Entrance (TPLF) Mehari Taddle Maru with a number of position in the ethnic apartheid regime introduced because the Former African Union Fee Official in Addis Ababa and the present Fellow at European College Institute in Florence, Italy. The second individual was the infamous Oromo tribal elite Awol Allo introduced as a Former Fellow in Human Rights at London Faculty of Economics and the present Senior Lecturer in Regulation at Keele University of London, UK. The third individual was the little-known Mark Goldberg introduced as Journalist/Editor of UN Dispatch — a UN and International Affairs Web site and podcast based mostly in Denver, Colorado.

The very fact the 2 aren’t identified as Ethiopian expat that simultaneously milked tribalism and peace and security and human rights as-a-means to their desired ends is one factor on Al Jazeera part and their selective amnesia to pivot actuality is another of their half.

Meanwhile, Mark Goldberg, in his personal account worked at The American Prospect, a political and public coverage Magazine for two years (2004-2006) as a writer and as Editor of UN Dispatch, “a weblog providing information and knowledge on International health and international improvement” from 2006 to present  before he graduated in 2010 from Gorge Town University in Worldwide Relation. A yr later (2011) joined PSI Well being Lives, one other “weblog offering information and knowledge on International health and international improvement”.

Clearly, from all specialists on the planet on UN peacekeeping mission Al Jazeera presenting the three least qualified individuals without reviling the backgrounds of Maru and Awol and their position in tribalism of their start nation of Ethiopia and Mark Goldberg with no related background in journalism  nor peacekeeping says extra about Al Jazeera editors than ‘the three beneficiaries of the aftermath of tribalism in Africa.

The very fact Maru and Awol are proponents of ethnic Tigre and Oromo victimhood respectively as-a-means to their political ends while simultaneously crying for peace and safety and human right not solely reviles their selective amnesia however, what they do in their respective roles is to ensure tribalism stays a permanent fixture within the nation of their birthplace Ethiopia.

As an example, the very fact Al Jazeera report reviled Ethiopia contributes 7500 troops for UN Peacekeeping mission (greater than India) at a price of $1400/month per troop instigated by TPLF get together beneath Mahari Taddle Maru path and beneath Awol allo watch speaks quantity concerning the two tribal elites’ selective amnesia on their position as well as Al Jazeera editors’ substandard report to cover up their roles.

Meanwhile, Mark Goldberg’s January 19, 2019 report titled “Yemen Receives more Migrant in 2018 than Europe” claiming “the overwhelming majority migrant are from Ethiopia” — a rustic with the most important UN peacekeeping troops contributor with the help of Maru reviles, Goldberg and his accomplices have been invited by Al Jazeera to campaign for more funding for peacekeeping troops in no-peace-no-war enterprise of tribalism and migration in Africa for their own political, social and financial benefits.

Subsequently, Maru, the instrument of TPLF’s mercenary-for-hire enterprise for 20 years turned advisor for African Union on migration, safety and terrorism to finish up as a Fellow at European University Institute is not any shock.  In any case, he was all over the place wanted to advertise tribalism, preventing terrorism and peace and safety at the similar time earlier than he turned professional on the whole lot that maximize TPLF’s corruption. From NATO Struggle School fellow to professional in Addis Ababa College Reform and safety research; to not point out a member of the Board of Director of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church as well as a lawyer for baby adoption providers to western nation and a contributor on regional ‘peace and safety’ concern for the Horn Affairs – an internet Media that promote tribalism in keeping with the ruling social gathering together with his latest piece titled “The Great Recreation within the Horn of Africa” say more how a clandestine tribal operative collude with Al Jazeera editors to be introduced as neutral professional on peacekeeping, terrorism and migration than anything.

But, intently listening to Maru’s rant on his bread-and-butter challenge according to  mercenary-for-hire enterprise of TPLF with substantial revenue it generates posed as peace, safety human right skilled and Awol’s selective amnesia not to know the truth of Maru’s operation speaks quantity how tribal operatives advanced enjoying each side of the geopolitical and financial recreation for self-preservation.

The very fact both ignored the 7500 Ethiopian peacekeeping troops at $1400 every ($126 million/yr) while paid lower than an equivalent of $100 each in local foreign money says; corruption and tribalism and the aftermath – displacement and migration are huge and expanding business for the Merchants of Demise.

Wen that isn’t sufficient, Awol’s look on Al Jazeera Inside Story as professional on Sudan politics and the army refusal handy power for civilian administration with out mentioning its relationship with TPLF intelligence apparatus additional indicate; there’s extra to Awol than what he and Al Jazeera editors need the public to know.

In the meantime, the UN Dispatch journalists Mark Goldberg failing to uncover the place precisely the $126 hundreds of thousands spent on 7500 UN peacekeeping troops from Ethiopia every year for many years is going speaks quantity the place his journalism career ends and, his enterprise interest begins.

Modern political elites enjoying victimhood because the means to their end shouldn’t be new in world politics.  However, in autocratic ruled nation of the world, it’s an open season on the individuals to not mention an enormous business for the corrupt elites with no tangible benefit for the rights and liberty of the individuals.

As an example, the previous Marxist political elites’ victimhood as means to their end would have introduced liberty for the ‘plenty’ of Ethiopia. As an alternative, the individuals have been abandoned by the same political elites that got here up with yet one more victimhood as-a-means to stay related.

Likewise, liberation political elites’ victimhood as means to their end would have brought freedom and liberty for the individuals of Eritrea.  As an alternative, the individuals are deserted by the identical political elites that got here up with yet one more victimhood as-a-means to stay relevant.

The same approach, the ethnic apartheid political elites’ victimhood as means to their finish would have brought the individuals of Ethiopia freedom to train liberty of their respective ethnic apartheid Areas created. As an alternative, the individuals are deserted by the same ethnic political elites that used and abuse them as pawns for corruption and tribalism.

Subsequently, since democracy is a dangerous proposition for tribal elites’ self-preservation as Professor Juma alluded, create more victimhood as-a-means-to-an-end is invaitable and a natural progression to bypass democratic reform. In that regard, the tribal political elites’ latest ploy to place the last nail within the coffin of democratic reform is gender and age.

Take a Might 21, 2010 article titled “Ethiopia: the Problem to TPLF …from Tigray’s own grassroots’  by tribal elite with pseudo identify Getachew Gebrekiros Temare,

Paradoxically, the article starts with; “local youth protest over land will proceed to grow if TPLF acts as an occupying drive somewhat than a accountable government.”

The self-described “lawyer, a graduate scholar of battle resolution and activist on the fitting of disabled individuals” couldn’t show better a typical modern tribal elite milking victimhood to the max as-a-means-to his want end.

Thoughts you, his claim TPLF has all the time been ‘accountable government’ in Tigray until ‘native youth protest over land’ that’s making it ‘act’ like an occupying drive alone tells the story of victimhood is a lucrative business for tribal elites’ self-perseveration.

After 27 years of TPLF crimes together with land seize, occupation and atrocities towards the individuals of Ethiopia, the selective amnesia of Getachew is decreased; if solely TPLF not act as occupying drive of Tigray than accountable government the whole lot shall be ok  not solely defies the self-described  lawyer selective amnesia but, insults ‘local youth protest is over land’ as an alternative of TPLF tribal warlords’ crimes of tribalism, corruption and atrocities that made a multitude out of their nation.

If Getachew Gebrekiros Temare isn’t a ‘clever and calculating’ tribal elite’s self-preservation we don’t know for what it could possibly be.

Ever since Prime Minster Abiy reform declared the ethnic political elites’ victimhood as-a-means-to-an-end is a backward and corrupt political philosophy every little thing broke loss.  People who benefited probably the most shortly declared conflict to maintain ‘the 2 evil of corruption and tribalism’ their very existence trusted as Getachew Gebrekiros Temare selective amnesia to rehabilitate tribalism reviled.

The very fact the identical notorious tribal Tigray warlords (Deberthion Woldemechel and Getachew Reda) are doing the one thing they know greatest in Tigray Area they cover should have woke up the self-described lawyer and scholar of battle decision Getachew Gebrekiros Temare — there isn’t any ‘Tigray Authorities’ let alone accountable one but a Mafia. Sadly, when an elite drink the cooled of tribalism nobody knows whether or not he is working towards regulation within the jungle of tribalism or in the Courts of Justices.

Fairly frankly, Tadele Maru, Awol Allo and pseudo identify Getachew Gebrekiros or many tribal elites’ selective amnesia only proves; ‘the dual evils of corruption and tribalism will stay as driving forces in Ethiopian politics as the brand new reformist PM that freed many Ethiopians from physical jail as he navigates to breakout out of tribal jail his social gathering’s previous guard put him in.

Paradoxically, the Free Press isn’t doing sufficient to vet tribal elites that present up on public forums to talk on each side of their mouth. For that purpose alone, the democratic reform is paying high worth.

Sadly, PM Abiy Ahmed operates beneath  the official rule of ethnic apartheid Ethiopia instigated by the retreating tribal warlords of his own celebration crying victimhood of his reform while their operatives play hide-and-seek on the world stage to sustain tribalism in a canopy of peace and stability and improvement isn’t serving to.

Take as an example the notorious Professor Ephraim Issac led Peace and Improvement Middle of Ethiopia. His newest mission as described in April 2018 article on Ethiopian Observer titled Ephraim Issac in Mission to seek out conventional remedy for modern crises captures how tribal elites are back enjoying hide-and-seek to sustain tribalism in a cover of ‘conventional remedy for contemporary crises’ – reinforcing; doing the identical thing over-and-over again and anticipating totally different end result is just not insanity however a rational and deliberate choice for “self-preservation, with aspect impact of subverting democratic evolution” as Professor Juma put it.

Right here is where Prof Issac selective amnesia for self-preservation take precedent in a cover of ‘conventional remedy for modern crises.’ In line with the article, “as board chairman of Peace and Improvement Middle (PDC), a non-governmental and non-profit group that advanced from “Advert-Hoc Peace Committee”, Ephriam has enlisted the help of council of elders that embrace Dr Ahmed Moen, former Ethiopian Director Basic in Minster of Health and Professor of public well being at Howard College, Dr Haile Selasssie Belay, former President of Ethiopian Agriculture School and Former Governor of Tigray, Dr Mulugeta  Eteffa, former professor and Dean of Scholar at Haile Selassie I University. Dr Tilahun Beyne, former President of Eritrean Academics Association and Dean at the College of Maryland and different revered docs and legal professionals and religious leaders.”

The report claims, “they’ve up to now talked to authorities officers resembling Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mokonnen, senior member of the federal government and Director of the Worldwide Institute for Peace and Improvement Sebhat Nega, President of the Oromia Region Lema Megersa, opposition figures Oromo Federalist Congress  chief Merra Gudina, the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Forum (Medrek)’s Beyene Petros. The plan is to succeed in different relatively average exiled politician corresponding to Lencho Letta and Dimma Negaewo.”

Nobody is aware of whether Ethiopian Observer is in a mission of observing or conflating the truth. However the reality its report introduced the grand tribal arsonists Sebhat Nega as firefighters alone speaks volume how trendy tribal elites are stuck with tribalism for self-preservation with no-way-out in need of a surrendering for democratic rule and accountability.

If the infamous Tigray warlord Sebhat Nega introduced by Ethiopian Observer ‘as senior member of the government and Director of the International Institute for Peace and Improvement’ alone is just not sufficient for Ethiopians to know  “ the twin evils of corruption and tribalism” to undermine democracy, we do not know what it could possibly be.

If individuals assume, Worldwide Institute for Peace and Improvement (EIIPD) led by Sebhat Nega and Peace and Improvement Middle of Ethiopia led by Professor Ephraim Issac goes to bring about peace and improvement to Ethiopia; they haven’t discovered how modern tribal elites operate to undermine democratic reform and why. Going to official website of PDC to seek out out who they are and funds them and why might help revile; the failed  colonial tribalism in Ethiopia is properly and alive thanks for modern tribal political elites.

But the irony Ethiopian Observer led by unidentified Editor nor  Peace and Improvement Middle led Ephraim Issac did not even know EIIPD led by Sebhat Nega changed its identify in 2015 by regulation #347/2015 as Ethiopian Overseas Relations Strategic Studies Institute to place out half-baked report of ‘Ephraim Issac in Mission to seek out conventional remedy for contemporary crises’ alone says extra; it doesn’t matter what and how; self-preservation takes precedence for tribal elites oer the democratic rights and liberty of the individuals of Ethiopia.

At this late stage of up to date tribal elites’ failure to know and snap out of tribalism “it is easier to build robust youngsters than to restore broken men” as the renowned 18th century African American Abolitionist Movement leader Frederick Douglass put it.

Could also be reading Frederick Douglas’ second guide titled “My Bondage and My Freedom” revealed in 1855 may also help modern tribal elites of Ethiopia to free themselves from the self-imposed bondage of tribalism in the 21st century no PhD title would help free. Regardless, Ethiopians shouldn’t permit their bondage in tribalism undermine the democratic proper and liberty of the individuals of Ethiopia.

As PM Abiy reform stumble to type out who-is-who undermining democratic reform, the Free Press and civic organizations will help determine the offenders by knocking doorways and asking onerous questions.

Mark Twain wrote; “a newspaper isn’t just reporting the information as it is, however to make individuals mad sufficient to do something about it.”

In that observe, how many Medias and civic organizations are there to make Ethiopians mad sufficient about ‘the 2 evils of corruption and tribalism’ to do one thing about it’s a question seldom asked.

Ethiopian Observer can be advised to watch than conflate the truth of tribal political elites.

This text is devoted for the few Medias that make Ethiopians mad sufficient to do something about corruption and tribalsim.